by La Wanna Parker

Today I feel like a little light hardiness, so I am sharing a fun poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy the read.

Your comments are always welcome, and so is sharing. Enjoy!

The excitement in our voices

Sitting and waiting

A day long-awaited

We listen to instructions

Some of the Excitement gone

We have trained and practiced

This day-long anticipated

Final checks made

Assurances that all would go well

Our order of decent

Chosen by cards

Chosen to be last by draw

I watched as

One by one

They made the jump

My turn!

And fear sets in

Why did I agree?

Oh, my God! I can’t do this!

There must be a mistake

Why am I on this plane?

I walk to the door

I see the others floating

I’ve changed my mind

I said as I step back

Sorry you must

And I am pushed out the door

My mind is in turmoil

The fear grows stronger with each second

What were the instructions?

I am falling fast

I see the others floating

I look down to see

The ground is racing up fast!

To welcome me

I struggle to remember

What were those instructions?

I say my prayers

Realizing this is it

What is that buzz?

It seems to get louder

When all of a sudden

I awaken to

The sound of the alarm clock

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