Death by Any Other Name

It was a year and just about two months ago that I lost my husband to cancer, and now death is stalking me again. Today I lost my nephew to this horrible virus. I know the pain my brother is going through. In January of 1989, I lost my son to a car accident. When I received the news, I refused to believe it until the military showed up. It was as if my heart ripped from my body.

No parent should ever outlive their child. The hole in the heart of my brother and his wife is a tear too big and deep; they are wondering how they can survive. I can only be there for them as they were for me. Words fail me as I think of them.

Social media is something I dread because I don’t fully understand how to use it, but the outpouring of love and prayers for my family and myself are so heartwarming and heartfelt. It means so much that you care to respond as you have

At times like this, I understand what it means to be part of a community, and I thank you for all that I am for your love and support. You provide the added strength I will need to be strong for my brother and his family.

I pray this virus runs its course fast and leave us in peace so we can restore our families and help all those affected. The stench death and sickness surround us. It is a ruthless enemy we must defeat.

When they spoke of it on the news, I knew it was something we needed to take seriously; at the same time, it seemed so unreal the number of deaths reported each day. Death by any other name is still death. Please be careful about what you do and protect yourself the best you can.

Thank you all for your love and support and for just being here. You have my undying love and appreciation. I love you all.  lw

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