Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today, were she still alive, my mother would be 95. She passed away five years ago. I still miss her.

Erma Lee Rhodes, my mother, was a quiet woman, but never make the mistake of crossing her. She was born in Shreveport, LA. she used to tell us, “Don’t mess with a Lousiana woman because they knew things.” Of course, she never said to us what those things were.

I was always proud of my mother. She raised eight children alone in the projects in Los Angeles, and none of us ended up on drugs or alcohol. My mother had seven girls and one boy, and he went into the Marines after graduating from high school;

My mother was a strong woman who made decisions on what she wanted in life and proceeded to work for it. It took years, but she achieved her goals. She didn’t let anyone or anything stop her. She stayed focused.

There is so much I could share with you about her. However, I just wanted to pay tribute to her on her special day.

If you are blessed still to have your mom or even your dad with you, you should count your blessings. I miss my mom and my dad. They were separated in life, but are together with the Father in .heaven.

Happy birthday, Mom! I know you have gotten the answer to all the questions you had down here. Until we meet again, rest in peace. lw

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