I am sharing another class assignment in which we write our thoughts about age. Below are the thoughts that came to me. It seems appropriate to share. Today I turned seventy-three.

Thought #1: Age

Thought #2: I do not want to be old

Thought #3: I do not feel old

Thought #4: I think and feel the same as always

Thought #5: My mind feels and acts the same

Thought #6: No, my body feels different

Thought #7: I am no longer thin and fit

Thought #8: My waistline is much thicker

Thought #9: When did this happen?

Thought #10: Oh! to be small again

It feels great to be my age. There is a sense of freedom that was missing. I no longer have to be politically correct. When asked my opinion, what I think about how to handle a situation, or what are my beliefs? I tell them. I feel good. I am no longer trying to walk a fine line. Age is liberating. It is a beautiful feeling. I recommend age to everyone. You will never be the same again. Of course, that applies to every age, but when you become a senior, you have wisdom.

While age can be liberating, it can also cause moments of regret and depression. All those dreams that you failed to achieve. Tomorrow not promised to us. Will I have time to make my dreams a reality? I have wasted so much time. I must do better. Is there enough time? These thoughts are killers that I fear. They lurk in the back of my mind trying to kill any moments of happiness and success.

Age is like the Liberty Bell of freedom to the American citizens. You are free to take those vacations you had to put off. You are free to work in your yard at your leisure. You are free to take part in community projects. These are simple things, but if you have a family and have to work full time, time becomes a precious commodity.

Step outside and sit for five minutes. Then think of the word “age.” Record everything around you that relates to age.

The bushes that I planted with my own hands are now as tall as my house.

The rose bushes I planted each year present me with beautiful roses. Each day I open my door; the various scents greet me warmly and help brighten my day.

When I close my eyes and think of age, there is a confusion of thoughts, of feelings that cross my mind. I think of age, and I know I am getting older, but it is not what I want to do. I feel the same today as I have always felt. But that is not true. I feel and think the same yet different. I am happy to be here to share my thought.

Until next time, enjoy all your ages and keep the faith. lw

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  1. Yes, age is something to think about. The fact that one can think supersedes the age conversation by Miles. I suggest if age doesn’t make you feel exceptional, then think about something else as I do. I can’t wait to see what you think of next to blog about.

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