He Didn’t Know

Be faithful to that which exists within yourself. – Andre Gide

I am working hard to keep my commitment to myself to do 30 days of posting on this blog each day without missing. Because I have not finished my article, I am posting a couple of my attempts at writing poems. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun writing them.

From time to time, I will interject something I have written in the past when I run into a time crunch to keep my commitment to you and to add a little levity to keep you from getting bored with the same old thing.

I hope you are enjoying this blog. I love to have you like and share the blog posts and become a follower.

He Didn’t Know

He smiled with moral superiority

as he explained,

doing things his way,

would make my life better.

He had no idea

of how I had come to be here.

He didn’t know

My life may not be perfect,

but it was one I built.

I began with nothing

and barely surviving,

to living the life I created.

He didn’t know

His was his birth rite

His position his for the taking.

I watched his smile,

my hands were itching to strike.

He didn’t know

The damage I wanted to cause him.

But that was no longer me.

So, I smiled and nodded,

anxious for him to leave,

and life to go on as I created.

But then, he didn’t know

The Crest

By the end of the day,

my plans to go out

for a night of play,

ended with my doubt.

Which, caused me to stress

because I feared

going alone to The Crest,

a place all revered

That’s it for now. In a few hours, I will post a new post on confidence. I hope you experienced some pleasure in reading my efforts at writing poems. Until next time, please be careful and keep the faith.

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