Overcoming Procrastination

Hi! I woke this morning feeling super fantastic, and I felt compelled to share one of my weaknesses with you.

Do you have a problem with procrastination? I do. Not because I don’t want to do the task or the project. But because I overload myself with things to do and then I run into the problem of deciding which to do first.

So, I get myself a cup of coffee while determining which needs priority attention. The results I end up wasting precious time I can never recover. That gets my goat. Now I am angry at myself, which does not make for an excellent working day.

I stumbled across an article on how to overcome procrastination. Of course, that caught my interest, so I read it and thought it made a few good points. That is why I am writing about it because maybe you or someone you know is dealing with this same problem.

One of the things suggested is to write down every task, activity, event, or goal that you put off. Then list the things you do instead, and how long it takes you to do those other things.

Second, you should organize the items in areas such as distractions, work, household, social and relationships, health, decisions, and anything category you may think is essential.

Third, try to determine your procrastination patterns. What is the real reason you are putting off that project, and how can you break that pattern?

Four, what kind of self-talk are you using to justify putting off working on your commitment?

Everyone procrastinates at some point in their lives, but it is not because they are lazy. It could be you’ve accepted tasks you have no knowledge or skill to handle the projects, and rather than admit you need help, you push it aside as if you will magically gain the understanding in time to complete the job.

You’re not alone! It happens to even the best of us. My advice is to follow the steps mentioned and, if necessary, break them down into even smaller tasks within each category. Remember, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

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Until next time, remain safe and keep the faith.

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