The Struggle

The struggle you went through yesterday is the roadmap to your actual destination of tomorrow. -LaWanna Parker –

I just read a Facebook post by Denise B Schaad, and the words were so beautifully written. Denise is the owner and founder of Your Energy Awakening.

I experienced that in the extreme after the loss of my son. All the things I had accomplished before the death of my son meant nothing. I suddenly became depressed, and feelings of being a failure descended on me.

The family and friends who had supported me through the many things I did in the community and with both teenagers and young adults were no longer of interest. Individuals, especially teenagers, wanted to know when I would work with them again, and I would reply soon. But soon never came, and eventually, people stopped asking.

What they didn’t understand was I felt like a failure. I had not been there to protect my 23-year-old in the military son. I spoke with God and realized and even accepted my son had completed his mission here and now returned home. He was my first. I still miss his presence, but he continues to live in my heart, and I am blessed to have three other sons, a whole army of grandchildren, and so far, seven great-grandchildren.

I was locked in the prison of the past with all my memories of him. The memories were good, but I kept asking myself if I said I love you the last time we spoke on the phone? Did he know how proud I was of him and the difference he made in the lives of so many people? I now make sure I say I love you to my children and family.

We all become prisoners of our minds at some time in our lives. Most of the time, we can break the chains and walk away. For some of us, it is not always so easy. We get trapped in there, and that is when the negative self-talk begins. The longer we stay there, the stronger it becomes, and you need help getting back to who you are. That is when someone like Denise B. Schaad can help guide you to the light.

Denise was able to share how vulnerable she was and the struggle she went through and survived. I commend her for the journey she took and the place she is now.

I love sharing stories like these, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. To learn more about these types of stories, and others to help you, follow me here and leave a comment. Until next time, please stay safe and keep the faith.

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