Anytime I find information or a good story, I am more than happy to share it with you. I read an article written Shanee Moret on Linkedin and asked permission to print it here.

It is a reminder of how we sometimes take things and people for granted. Until next time, read the article, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Written by Shanee Moret – Healthcare Marketing Phenom – Content Creator – Cancer Survivor – Speaker – Goodwill Ambassador of Public Health

A friend said something to me today that I’ll never forget. He’s a truck driver that transports food across the country, and he said: “For the first time I feel like I’m important. I don’t feel like a loser.”

Before COVID19, people looked down on his job. He doesn’t have a corner office in a high rise or degrees hanging on the wall. Many acquaintances, friends, and even family, who make more money would treat him like they were more important.

Now those same people are calling him to say “thank you.” For the first time, his family is expressing how proud they are of him because he’s putting his health at risk daily to deliver an essential service. And he’s not the only one. I know cleaners, gas station attendants, waste collectors, cooks, plumbers, etc., who feel the same way.

This health pandemic has taught all of us a priceless lesson: we cannot base someone’s value in society on salary, titles, or degrees. Everyone is valuable. Agree?

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