Today, which will be tomorrow for you, was unusually busy for me. And I don’t mean busy being busy. I had calls to make, actual meetings, and two training sessions. I missed a meeting because I could not find a link to the meeting. Then I received another business call that is good news for me.

After my dinner, I realized I still a blog post to write. Honestly, I am so tired and sleepy that all I want to do is go to bed. Then I remember I have challenged myself to thirty blogs in thirty days. I sleep now and write in the morning. I better not. I may oversleep, or there could be other interruptions preventing me from writing.

Well, I committed to writing so no sleep until I have written something to post. Now! You are probably asking yourself, why is she rambling on about what she committed to do?

It’s to illustrate how easy it is to procrastinate. When we procrastinate, it seems everything happens to keep you from finishing your project. My reason for challenging myself was to start and maintain a routine that would become a habit I would continue.

Procrastination is a minute part of the new personal development program coming soon. The launch date is dependent on COVID 19, and the government tells us to return to former lives with whatever minor changes we now have to live as the new way of living.

Click on the link to leave your contact information to be notified when we have our I have the web intro meeting.

Until next time, stay safe, healthy, and happy. And remember to keep the faith.

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