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Today is the wrap-up to a two-day virtual conference. If you have not attended one, you should. The Blog and Video Con was a smashing success. The organizer, Tim Gillette, brought together a fantastic group of speakers.

The event was different because the speakers did not try to sell us. They offered valuable information we could use right away and provided opportunities to work with us.

I have gone to many conferences and workshops over the last few years, and the great thing is I always learn new things even when it is something I may have heard before.

The great thing about the new way conferences are today is, you can attend two at a time. I did that very thing last week, even though I was not feeling well.

The other thing about the Blog and Video Con conference was the happy hour afterward. During the virtual happy hour, we met other attendees and shared our thoughts, exchanged ideas, and offered suggestions to help each other.

On the evening of the first day, I started making the changes I would implement in my business. I also uploaded two of my interviews to my youtube channel.

In the afternoon of the second day, I was part of the panel. We each shared our problems and the benefit of being part of Tim Gillette’s Mastermind Group. I can’t speak for the other’s, but I thought it awe-inspiring to be one the panel and listen as we shared our feelings.

The last guest speaker of the day was actress Sandra Dee Robinson, who gave a very inspiring talk. Tim gave the final wrap-up before inviting us to join him at his happy hour.

Before closing, I have to mention, Kassandra Keeton. Kassandra posted the important chatbox notes she thought we might have missed, especially contact information. She even answered questions for the speakers.

All in all, this was a very informative and helpful conference, and I encourage you to attend the next one. You can visit Tim’s new website at or go to

As for me, I will be launching Beauty by LaWanna in the few days, so watch details. Until next time, stay safe and keep the faith.

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