Legendary Women of Influence Summit

Saturday, I attended the Legendary Women of Influence Virtual Summit. The speakers were from various parts of the country and all particularly good. The information shared was highly informative and the right message for today and the environment we are living for the foreseeable future.

The summit was educational, but the speakers presented great offers and opportunities for the attendees. Sherry Morton gave away some beautiful jewelry, and I won a beautiful piece of artwork from Marleece Pert.

Caterina Rando emceed the entire program and was also one of the speakers, and Tonya Tyus Parker started the event with her story. Tonya moved us with her story of how COVID19 affected her and why she felt compelled to do this event.

The speakers shared from their hearts, and somehow, each in his way helped to keep us entertained, excited, and eager to hear the next speaker.

The speakers were great, but the crowning glory to the whole day came after the keynote speaker, Sheya Chisenga, gave her speech and what a speech it was! It was informative, motivational, inspirational, and persuasive. She received a standing ovation virtually! Wow! It was truly moving1

Sheya shared the beginnings of her business. The struggles sometimes doubts, but through it all, she kept her faith and belief that she was doing what God had called her to do.

Tonya Tyus Parker and LaKisha Appleton presented Sheya with the 2020 Legendary Women of Influence Award and Certificate.

I have posted a picture of some of the speakers, the award, and the certificate Sheya received.

Congratulations, Sheya, for doing such an excellent job at helping to shape the lives of so many women!

My take away from this event is no matter the obstacles or circumstances, you look for what works for you, make a plan, focus on it, find a way to do it, and keep pushing forward with the support of like-minded women.

Until next time, stay safe and keep the faith. La Wanna Parker

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