31 Day Blog Challenge-My Dream Job

Day 16

Hi! It’s another day, and I appreciate you staying with me as I go through this 31-day blog challenge. Today, I am to tell you about my dream job.

A dream job for me would consist of reading my favorite books. You know, romance stories. Why am I not doing that type of work?

I have recently decided to do just that. I will do it in conjunction with my beauty consultant business. I am so happy; I could jump for joy!

You will get the details once I complete this challenge. I am still working the bugs out, but it is something I have wanted to do for some time. It will be my dream job because it will incorporate several things I enjoy doing. How is that for a mystery?

I wanted to write about my experience at the Million Dollar Speakers Summit; however, my computer, the power, and the internet are giving me all kinds of problems. I’m going to close before my screen goes black again. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

31 Day Blog Challenge-Timeline of My Day

Day 15

I am writing another short blog because I am having trouble with my computer. The screen keeps going black, and I have to turn it off to reboot. When I finish this post, I will back my files and folders up on my external hard drive. Now, on to my post about my timeline for today.

My day is somewhat dull. For today I will:

  • Prepare for the morning routine
  • Breakfast
  • Ten-minute walk
  • Review my goals for today and the rest of the week
  • Join my weekday morning Bible Study call
  • Make two calls
  • Lunch
  • Join zoom training for K.E.A.P.
  • Relax and meditate
  • Prepare dinner
  • Work on Podcast and TV Show
  • Relax with television
  • Prepare for bed

That is my schedule for today. Tomorrow will have slight changes, but for the most part, it will be the same. Tomorrow’s blog will be about my dream job. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

31 Day Blog Challenge-What is in My Handbag?

Day 14

Okay! I do not know who thought of these blog questions and suggestions, but who wants to know what is in my purse?

My purse contains three COVID masks, tissues, plastic silverware, keys, change, a couple of ones, and a five-dollar bill. There are also two of my books, a calendar, and a notebook to write in. There are cough drops, receipts, business cards, credit cards, driver license, medicare care, Kaiser, and AAA card. There is also candy and a couple of granola bars.

That is all I have to share for now. Usually, I would have much more to share, but I am not using my purse much these days.

My blog report is short. I can not think of interesting to talk about the things in my purse. I am late writing this post because my electricity kept going out. I thought at first the lights in all the park had gone out. However, after checking with the light company, they reported no outages in the area. After several hours of this, I started hearing a grinding sound coming from my grandsons’ bedroom.

I discovered the fish water tank making the grinding sound. I unplugged it, and my trouble with the electricity going off and on stopped. I am late posting my blog, wishing my Facebook friends a happy birthday, or reading a few posts. Now, I am so sleepy I can hardly sit straight in my chair. At this point, I am going to close out. Tomorrow I will tell the timeline of my day. I bet you’ll find that interesting. In the meantime, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

31 Day Blog Challenge-My Favorite Quote

Day 13

I have two favorite quotes. Both are from the Bible. Honestly, I do not remember chapter and verse. Over the years, I have shortened them, and I no longer remember the whole verses.

I did look them both up on the internet. However, both are mention several times in the Bible. I will share the story that made them so important to me.

I was about fifteen when my sister got into a fight with another girl and got her lip cut bad enough she had to have stitches.

We lived in the projects, which meant if someone messed with your family, you retaliated. The girls that escorted my sister home looked to me after relating what had taken place.

The girls were not sure why my sister and the other girl were fighting.

Whatever the reason, it was my responsibility to avenge her. The girls told me the other girl cut my sister with a can opener, so I took our can opener with me.

The whole trip to the park became nerve-wracking for me. I was frightened out of my mind. I had never fought with a weapon before, only my fingernails.  While I walked and prayed, two verses came to mind, but I put them together as one.

The verses that came to me was, “I am with you always, even until the end of time. Vengeance is mine; I will repay.”

When I arrived at the park where the girl was to be waiting for me, she was nowhere in sight. I had collected a following as word spread; there was to be a fight. I can only imagine the crowd was disappointed. As for me, inside, I was thrilled. We waited, but she never showed.

I received a reputation without lifting a finger, and the other girl went out of her way to avoid me.

The quotes are always with me, and I believe because I prayed, the Lord sent those verses to me as one to give courage and peace of mind. I can not tell you the name of the chapter and verse for either quote. I searched, but found both verses, using variations in the wording, are in several books in the Bible.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. And Deuteronomy 32:35 Vengeance is Mine; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; for their day of disaster is near, and their doom is coming quickly.

These two verses have always been in a source of comfort for me in times of trouble. I hear them in my head, and they give me peace because I believe the Lord is with me. Now you know my favorite quotes and why. Tomorrow, I will share what is in my handbag. That should be quite interesting. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

31 Day Blog Challenge-If I Won, the Lottery

Day 12

I have never liked questions like this. How do I know what I would do if I won the lottery? It would depend on how much I won. I would have to take care of my tithes. Then my bills. Then help my family. My sons have been good to me, so I would want to give them something and my grandson that I raised. He’s like a son to me. Then would be the other grandchildren and the great-grandchildren. That’s a pretty long list.

I have not even touched on my siblings, maybe some of my cousins. As I said, it would depend on how much I won. There are six charities I would like to support. If, after all that, I still had some money left over, I would send anonymous donations to people I did not know in the mail.

I did that one year. I mailed five dollars to five individuals I did not know. There was no return address on the letters I sent, so I always wondered if the money reached the people I sent it to, or maybe it ended up in some dead letter file. If it did not get to them, I hope it ended up with someone in need of it. I guess I just want to do some good, and for me, this is one way to do it. That’s it for now.

Tomorrow I will write about my favorite quote. Once I finish this 31-day blog challenge, I will write about something I have a great interest in, but you will have to stick around to find out what it is. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

31 Day Blog Challenge-My Most Proud Moment

Day 11

The day I gave birth to my first son was a proud moment for me. When they brought him to me after cleaning him up, I thought they must have made a mistake. I was a plain Jane, and he was beautiful.

After a few moments, he started nudging my breast, letting me know he was hungry. I had decided before he was born that I would breastfeed him, but I was unprepared for the strength of his pull. I swear it felt as if he was pulling everything from, and the pain was excruciating.

I thought he would never get his fill. Then I realized I would have to go through this each time I fed him.

Three days later, we went home. On the fourth day, I developed a fever. I decided to ignore it. It would go away in a day or two. My mother felt something was wrong. I should not have a fever. On the fifth day, Friday morning, my brother-in-law brought my sister over to spend the day with us while he went to work.

My mother asked if he would mind dropping the two us at the hospital. She didn’t ask me, she decided for me. We arrived at about 8 a.m. My mother checked me in, and the nurse put me in one of the waiting rooms. My mother insisted on being in there with me. The nurse instructed me to lay while I waited for the doctor. I closed my eyes to rest, and the next time I opened them, it three a,m, in the morning, and my mother was asleep in a chair beside my bed.

She woke minutes after I did. I asked what happened, why was I back in the hospital? It turned out the inturn that delivered my baby left some afterbirth in me. They had to do a D and C on me to scrape out the afterbirth. Then my mother told me the doctor said, had she not brought me to the hospital when she did, a few more hours would have been too late. The afterbirth had infected me pretty badly, and I would have died.

I believe it was a blessing from God! I should have listened to my mother, but I kept telling her that God had let women have babies before all the modern medicines came into play, He would take care of me.

I believe He did that for my baby and me. I could no longer breastfeed my baby because the milk had become tainted. God gave us another blessing in return. I don’t get sick. Once in a while, I might not feel well, but I don’t get seriously ill. I have had the flu twice, but it lasted less than 24 hours.

My son got chickenpox when he was six months old. It lasted about seven long days and nights. I barely had any sleep. I spent my time rubbing Calamine lotion on him and trying to keep socks on his hands so he would not scratch himself. He was never sick again.

He was a part of our lives for twenty-three years before the Lord called him home. I still miss his presence after all these years. I believe God trusted me with that precious gift, and I took care of him to the best of my ability. I became a better person because I wanted to be worthy of him calling me Mama. He was a son to be proud of, and I feel the same way about my other sons. I was blessed to have four sons. Another gift from God because I asked Him for only sons. They have all made me proud to be their mother.

Well, I do not want to leave you feeling bad, so I will share another surprise, proud moment for me. I told you my first celebrity crush was John Wayne. I forgot to tell you I met John Wayne when I was a long-distance operator. He was on his yacht, and he needed to reach some director whose name I have forgotten.

I worked on that call all day, and about an hour before quitting time, I succeeded in getting the two of them together. John Wayne called back before I left to thank me personally. He said the call was critical and he appreciated my getting it taken care of for him. Well, it’s getting late, and I have an early day tomorrow. So, until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Million Dollar Speakers Summit

I had a fabulous time at the Million Dollar Speakers Summit yesterday. Today is day three, and a promise of more excitement and learning. I will do a write up after the event. Arvee Robinson put this together at the request of her faithful attendees who have attended her live events. Watch for my write Sunday. Until my next post, stay safe, and keep the faith.

The Things We Love

I didn’t have time to write my blog for today, so I am reposting an article I wrote in 2017. It seems to fit in with today. Tomorrow, I will do my day eleven post on my proudest moment. Enjoy the article.

January 4, 2017

I saw a quote that said, “Start doing the things you love.” I don’t know who it is by, but I thought about it. I have often heard it said that if you do the thing you love or have a strong passion for, the money will follow.

Well, my passion is reading romance novels. I have enough romance books to make a store envious. The trouble is, I have yet to learn how to make money from that passion.

Fortunately for me, I also love giving speeches and writing. How about you? Do you have something you feel very passionate about? Have you considered how you could turn it into a career or business for yourself?

Think about what you enjoy and are good at and consider making a career change. Not overnight. You must create a market for your service or product. You must promote it and get others interested and a hundred other things that will require your attention, but what a journey! The reward of having your own business in which you can make a living for yourself. Wow!

While I will not write the books I love to read; I will continue to read them, give speeches, and write in my blog. I love doing these two things, almost as much as I do reading. Well, until next time, take care and have a wonderful day.  Lw

31 Day Blog Challenge-My First Celebrity Crush

Day 10

Alright! Now this one is easy. I was born in Texas, and I am super proud of that fact. I am old enough to remember using outhouses and riding in a wagon to go to town.

I will share more about that another time. When I was growing up, you were taught your word was your bond, and you did not give it lightly. The same applied when two men shuck hands on a deal or words they agreed on.

The first time I saw a movie on TV, I must have been about seven or eight. We were at the home of one of my mother’s cousins, and they had a TV. I had never seen one before, and I was fascinated at seeing people moving and talking on that little greenest screen.

Funny, I do not remember the name of the movie, but I remember one of the actors was Alistair Sims. His face and expressions made an impression on me for some reason. When I saw him again years later in The Christmas Carol, I recognized him right away and saw his name in the credits.

That was my only time seeing a television because a few months later, we moved to California.

One weekend my uncle brought us to his home to spend time with our two sisters that he and his wife had adopted. The wonder of wonders, he had a television! The screen was a little bigger than the one I had watched before.

In those days, westerns were the number thing on television. CBS, NBC, and ABC had at least one western on at primetime every night of the week The VHF channels, which was the FOX, CW, ION, and KTLA of that time, also had westerns on every day, except on Saturday and Sunday, they showed westerns all day and night.

I became addicted to watching westerns and reading my books. There were so many western stars, and I remember most of them even today. But my first celebrity crush, and still is the man to me, was John Wayne. He was the man every man wished he could be, and every woman wished she could call her own.

I am not going to say I have seen all his westerns and other movies he played, but I bet I have come pretty darn close. However, there are four I saw one time and would not look at them again. They are The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Wake of the Red Witch, The Shootist, and The Cowboys.

If you have seen these movies, you will figure out why I will not watch them again.

Now, there is another actor I must mention. Most young people will not know who I am speaking of. He was a black football player. I am so proud of him because he was an accomplished American athlete and actor (even Hitler commissioned he do sitting for two paintings). He became a decathlete and football star. He was one of the first Black American players in the National Football League during the postwar era.

He appeared in many westerns. In Cheyenne Autumn, he was an Indian Chief, in The Professionals, he was a mercenary, in The Ten Commandments, he was an Ethiopian King, in Sargent Rutledge, he was a Buffalo Soldier, and he played a farmer with William Shatner in The Spider Kingdom. He was a big, good-looking black man and you should read about him. He is one of the blacks who paved the way for so many other black artists and entertainers. Now that I think about it, my husband fits right in with them. He was big and 6’4” Woodie Strode, and John Wayne

Enough about that. It is a subject for another write-up. For now, this is about my first celebrity crush, and John Wayne will always hold that position. So, now you know. Tomorrow I will share my proudest moment with you. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.