Talk with a Therapist or Coach

If you struggle with significant amounts of fear regularly, consider talking with a therapist. Therapists or coaches can help you identify what you’re afraid of and then guide you forward.

Using both their extensive training and experience, they can give you specific exercises that will help you overcome your fears.

Therapists can be especially helpful if you struggle with phobias, like fear of flying or dogs. Equipped with proven techniques like exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, they can help you overcome issues that have hampered you for years.

How do you know if you should go to a therapist? The American Psychological Association poses these questions:

  • Do you or someone close to you spend some amount of time every week thinking about the problem?
  • Is the problem embarrassing, to the point that you want to hide from others?
  • Over the past few months, has the problem reduced your quality of life?
  • Does the problem take up considerable time (e.g., more than an hour per day)?
  • Have you curtailed your work or educational ambitions because of the problem?
  • Are you rearranging your lifestyle to accommodate the problem?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you would probably benefit from seeing a therapist.

When it comes to finding a therapist or coach, you have several options. First, you can find one locally. If you don’t know of an excellent local therapist, Psychology Today has a searchable directory, and the International Coaching Federation has a coach finder.

There are also numerous online therapy options available. Most of these online options offer both video sessions and text chat options. They will again try to work with your insurance provider.

Check out these websites:

Unfortunately, there can be a stigma surrounding therapy or coaching. A person who sees a therapist is weak somehow like they weren’t strong enough to deal with their challenges.

Do not buy into this idea. Many of the strongest, most successful people in the world go to therapy. CEOs, professional athletes, and military leaders have therapists or coaches. If they can benefit, you can too.

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