31 Day Blog Challenge-My Guilty Pleasure

Day 5

I must have been tired last night because I fell asleep and overslept this morning. So, I am late with day 5 of my 31-day blog challenge.

My guilty pleasure would be reading my romance stories and how much I enjoy them.

I started reading children’s books and moved up to fairy tales. When I finished the fairy tales and the Papa Small series, I began on mysteries. I read the Happy Hollisters, Jonathon Swift, The Secret Garden, Little Women, Little Men, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Fin, to name a few.

There was also a series of books by Joseph A. Altshelter that I discovered, and they became one of my favorite. It was a set of eight books, and I read them several times.

I started reading comic books in elementary school and continued to read them right into adulthood. The first ones I read was Superman, Batman, and Captain America. I do not remember the order in which I started reading the other comics, but I was in love with Thor, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, The Thunderbirds, Black Panther, Spiderman, and Nick Fury. That was just some of the superheroes I enjoyed reading. Marvel had the best comics then, and I believe they still do. I used to enjoy the little anecdotes Stan Lee would write in the comics. I knew the story behind all the characters in Marvel Comic Books.

I used to collect bottles to cash in so I could buy my comics books. All the other books came from the public and school libraries.

As an adult, I began reading books by Taylor Caldwell, The Dune Series by Frank Herbert, Richard Back, and then I started on motivational books. I read a book on how to start conversations because I was so quiet and shy. I read How to Win Friends and Influence People, Think and Grow Rich, books by Catherine Ponder, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, David Schwartz, Joseph Murphy, etc.

Then one day, I was on vacation wanting something new to read. I found a book I had put off reading for two years because of the print being seven-point font and over 580 pages.

However, I was desperate for something to read, so I flipped through the pages to determine if it was worth my time. A scene caught my attention in the third chapter, and I knew I had to read it from the beginning to find out what was going on. The book was The Wolf and The Dove, and it became my first historical romance book. I finished that book in record time and went to Tower Books to see if this author, Kathleen Woodiwiss, had any other books I could read. Thankfully, I found three by her and a whole new genre books I did not even know existed. Besides Kathleen three, I bought ten others, which was the beginning of my love for historical romance novels.

I could not seem to get enough of reading this type of book romances. I even read one that with cavemen characters. Then I made another discovery. In 2004, I discovered ebooks. Quite by accident while browsing on the internet.

These books were not the Kindle or Nook type of books. No, there were pdf books, and I thought it great because I could adjust the pages to a comfortable size to read without straining my eyes. I bought one to see if the writing/story was a good as my print books. It was a historical romance, and I found a couple of errors and emailed her to let her know because she asked for feedback. She thanked me and said she would make the corrections.

I was excited! I could speak with the author, so I went looking for another book. I found a book by Eve Vaughn called “A Night to Remember.” This book caught my attention because of the cover. The cover indicated it was an interracial romance story, and I wanted to know how it turned out. The story was good. At least I thought it good because, like my historicals, it had a happy ever after ending.

You guessed it! I went checking for more books by her, and I found them and purchased them. Now I had to find out if other black authors were writing this type of book.

Boy! Were there ever. They were writing vampire, werewolf, and other shapeshifter books. I found a new genre of books to read. Because these are ebooks(pdf’s) and the computer counts what in your founder, I can honestly say I have over 8,000 books on my computer, and that does not count the other types of ebooks I have. I also have over 1,100 books on my Kindle. My romance stories are usually hot. Most are smoking hot. Now you know my guilty pleasure.

I hope I have influenced you to pick up a book. Any book is a good read. There is so much joy and satisfaction in reading. I have traveled places and seen things I never would otherwise. I have been on space ships and lived in outer space. Reading is my pride and passion. Tomorrow, I will share the three personality traits that I love about myself. So, until tomorrow, stay safe and keep the faith.

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