31 Day Blog Challenge-If I Won, the Lottery

Day 12

I have never liked questions like this. How do I know what I would do if I won the lottery? It would depend on how much I won. I would have to take care of my tithes. Then my bills. Then help my family. My sons have been good to me, so I would want to give them something and my grandson that I raised. He’s like a son to me. Then would be the other grandchildren and the great-grandchildren. That’s a pretty long list.

I have not even touched on my siblings, maybe some of my cousins. As I said, it would depend on how much I won. There are six charities I would like to support. If, after all that, I still had some money left over, I would send anonymous donations to people I did not know in the mail.

I did that one year. I mailed five dollars to five individuals I did not know. There was no return address on the letters I sent, so I always wondered if the money reached the people I sent it to, or maybe it ended up in some dead letter file. If it did not get to them, I hope it ended up with someone in need of it. I guess I just want to do some good, and for me, this is one way to do it. That’s it for now.

Tomorrow I will write about my favorite quote. Once I finish this 31-day blog challenge, I will write about something I have a great interest in, but you will have to stick around to find out what it is. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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