31 Day Blog Challenge-What is in My Handbag?

Day 14

Okay! I do not know who thought of these blog questions and suggestions, but who wants to know what is in my purse?

My purse contains three COVID masks, tissues, plastic silverware, keys, change, a couple of ones, and a five-dollar bill. There are also two of my books, a calendar, and a notebook to write in. There are cough drops, receipts, business cards, credit cards, driver license, medicare care, Kaiser, and AAA card. There is also candy and a couple of granola bars.

That is all I have to share for now. Usually, I would have much more to share, but I am not using my purse much these days.

My blog report is short. I can not think of interesting to talk about the things in my purse. I am late writing this post because my electricity kept going out. I thought at first the lights in all the park had gone out. However, after checking with the light company, they reported no outages in the area. After several hours of this, I started hearing a grinding sound coming from my grandsons’ bedroom.

I discovered the fish water tank making the grinding sound. I unplugged it, and my trouble with the electricity going off and on stopped. I am late posting my blog, wishing my Facebook friends a happy birthday, or reading a few posts. Now, I am so sleepy I can hardly sit straight in my chair. At this point, I am going to close out. Tomorrow I will tell the timeline of my day. I bet you’ll find that interesting. In the meantime, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

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