31 Day Blog Challenge-My Favorite Childhood Book

Day 17

Hey, thank you for joining me again! I will tell you about my favorite childhood book, but then I will change the subject. The good thing about this 31-day blog challenge is it keeping me writing each day. However, the topics I am writing about do not seem to be of interest to you.

My favorite childhood book in elementary school was “The Papa Small Family” series.

I loved that set of books because the family loved each other, and the father was always there to do things with his family and build memories together. It was what I craved for my family. My father chose to leave us for another family. As a child, I thought it was because of me that he left. I tried to understand I did wrong, what could I have done or said that would have made him stay.

Of course, I did nothing wrong. As a teenager, my father explained that he and my mother grew apart. There were things about each other that caused them to grow in different directions.

However, I believe my mother still loved my father until the day she died. She went on with her life, and she was bitter about him leaving us. She was even angry with God for a while. But my mother never said anything derogatory about him any of us. She told us to learn to take care of ourselves and not put our total trust in a man.

I was also angry, but my love for my father never changed. Whenever I was with him, I had no doubts about his love for me or my siblings.

Now you know my favorite book, or I should say series of books, and why I loved them so much. It helped me to be a part of the small family. To believe my father would do the same with us if he still lived with us. Tomorrow I will tell you what I am afraid to face. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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