31 Day Blog Challenge-What Am I Afraid of?

Day 18

What am I afraid of in my life? Yes, there are some things I am scared to face. However, I grew up in the projects. In the projects, you do not divulge your fears or weaknesses to others. Your fear or weakness would become a weapon against you. You learn to stand up to the fear, or every time you made a move, someone would be taking advantage of you or whipping your behind.

I don’t mind sharing things that have hurt me, or something I experienced in the past that help make me the individual I am today. Those things have helped me grow and provided me the opportunity to help someone else who is going through the same thing and maybe keep someone else from going through the same situation.

Any fears I have are between me and the almighty. God has always been there to tell or show me what to do. I had my share of fights, which I did not like, but I won them. I earned a measure of respect that kept me from having to fight anymore after the third one.

We all have fears, and fear can save your life or put you in more danger. For example, you do not walk up to a wild animal and start petting him. On the other hand, a cat that is rubbing your leg would inspire you to reach down, rub it or lift it in your arms.

There are feard we talk ourselves into because it is something we have never tried before. When that happens, you need to recognize it for what it is and do the thing anyway.

That is my take on fear. I have concerns that keep me from sticking my hand in the fire or jumping off a cliff without some form of protection. These types of worries will save your life. Do not let an opportunity to grow hold you back because you have convinced yourself you can not do it. Ask for instructions and support, then do it anyway.

One day, I will share the stories of a couple of great opportunities I missed out on early in my life because I convinced myself I could not do the job. Trust me. I learned a costly lesson. Tomorrow I will speak about my worst habits. I have to think about that. I do not like to think I have any, but of course, you know I do. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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