31 Day Blog Challenge-Something I Miss

Day 21

A new day for writing. There are many things I miss. I miss the son I lost to a car accident. I miss parents and one of my sisters, who are no longer here with us physically. I miss other relatives and close friends who are gone home to their rewards. I can not distinguish what or who I miss most.

I can say that I miss the energy I had when all four of my sons were home and active in sports. How I ever made their practices and games, I will never know. Besides being busy with my children, I also was swamped with community activities and the director of two beauty pageants that kept me alive.

I would love to have some that energy today. My life today is much slower. I have to think twice about the things I want to do. I still engage in many things because I could not handle being idle.

They say this is the golden era of my life, and I welcome it, but it does not mean I have to stop enjoying things that give me pleasure. I am just beginning a new life, and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest, even at a slower pace.

If I did not already feel this way, then COVID has taught me one thing, life is to short to put off till tomorrow what I could do today.

I hope you were not expecting some great revelations of what I miss in life. I will continue to enjoy what I have and be grateful for all that God has given me. Life is good, and it is to be alive. Tomorrow I will tell you my ten favorite songs. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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