31 Day Blog Challenge-My Pet Peeves

Day 23

I have a few pet peeves. One that rubs me the wrong way is the word basically. The word itself does not bother me. It is the overuse of the word and using it unnecessarily. For example, You ask a question, and the individual responds with, basically… Or they use it multiple times in a sentence.

At this time, and I want to, are another two that get to me. Just do whatever it is you are going to do without the prequel.

Another pet peeve is to have someone say they will do something for you, and then they don’t because they have a laundry list of why they can not. Do not volunteer, r suggest you can do a thing if you know you have a full plate. I can understand that because I sometimes overextend myself.

There is more, but honestly, I’m kind of bored speaking about me, and you probably are as well. Why don’t you write in the comments some of your pet peeves? I’d like to know about you. Tomorrow, I will share the most challenging time in my life. Until next time, stay safe and keep the faith.

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