31 Day Blog Challenge-Five Best Blogs

Day 26

I am so bad! I attended three conferences today, which left me no time to concentrate on writing my blog. If you are still up, then I have provided something for you to read.

I can not tell you my five favorite blogs because I am ashamed to admit I have concentrated on getting something out every day for you to read. My friend, Tim Gillette, has a blog, but I have not read it lately. Tim is the one to help me get started blogging, so I guess his blog would be one of my favorites. You can learn more about his blog and podcast show at www.blogandvideocon.com.

I enjoy attending well-organized conferences that I can walk away with the information I can implement right away.  Craig Duswalt’s Rock Your Life Experience Conference rocked. With useful information, you could implement right away. It was a fantastic event, and the attendees were very interactive. The guest speakers included Glenn Morshower, Mark Victor Hansen, Nick Lowery, and Michelle Patterson. You can learn more about Craig at https://craigduswalt.com/.

Tonya Tyus Parker, the C.E.O. Legendary Events, hosted her 2nd annual California Speakers Showcase Virtual Event. Some of her guest speakers were Jason Antalek, Public Speakers Association, C.E.O., Caterina Rando, Thriving Women in Business C.E.O., Sheya Chisenga, The Christian Woman CEO, and more than I can name here. All great speakers with so many golden nuggets of wisdom. You can learn more about her from her Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ttyusparker

Finally, I was able to attend a workshop put on by Dr. Natalie Forest about Soul Speaking. She is excellent, and I highly recommend her. One of Dr. Forest’s website is http://natalieforest.com/. You’ll find more information about there and at https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalieforest/.

If I were not so tired, I would give you more information about these events.  However, It is late, and I have another big day tomorrow. I am interviewing Joanna Durkin on my video show. You can find past videos of my interviews at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTuAM14LEaODKEAyBNLNFJw. Tomorrow I will share what makes me feel better, always. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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