31 Day Blog Challenge-My Comfort Foods

Day 30

I do have the comfort foods that I enjoy. Some of my favorites are spaghetti, Chinese food, tamales, chicken, steak, chitterlings, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream. There is more, but you get the idea. I love good food. However, spaghetti is the number one food item, and ice cream is my number one dessert.

My son decided to surprise me by cooking dinner last night. It was a bigger surprise that he cooked spaghetti. It was almost as good as mine. He even said he would cook a steak for me today. Wow! My chef! I wonder how long that is going to last? I am going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

I am even more excited that tomorrow is the last day of my 31-day blog challenge. There is so much I want to write about, and I believe I have come up with a way to do it without confusing everyone.

It is a little sad this is coming to an end because it has allowed me to share things about myself. Some things I have not thought of for years. Tomorrow I will share a couple of my quirks with you. I believe you will find them entertaining and funny. You much come back for the last day of this challenge and learn how I plan to do my blog in the future. Until tomorrow, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

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