Start Living Your Dreams

I have completed my 31-day blog challenge, and I feel a little sad. However, I found a quote that said, “Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams.” Now that I have finished the challenge, time to start living my dreams.

I will continue to write this blog, but I will also post my videos and podcasts here. I will even add my speaking engagements and share some tidbits about the new book I am writing.

The great thing about this blog challenge, it caused me to commit to writing every day. I committed myself, and I stuck to it. I learned that focusing on my commitment made me excited to put my fingers to the keyboard.

I encourage you to find the thing you want to commit to and focus on that one thing. When my son passed away, I lost all my ability to continue doing the things I had been interested in before.

Before his death, I was a beauty pageant director and had my fashion show models and produced fashion shows. Life left me. I continued because I had three other sons and my niece, who needed me, but I could not gather the desire to do anything more than what my children needed me to do.

The longe I went on like that, the confidence I had in myself. Once I started to come out of my self-imposed world of sorrow, I could not gather the courage to go back to producing fashion shows or beauty pageants. I convinced myself I no longer had an interest in those things, and I needed to find something new that would not remind me of my son helping me before he went into the military.

Anytime I became excited about something I wanted to try, the negatives would come out, and the negatives won every time. I convinced myself I did not have a strong enough for the project. I accepted the fear that came around and even invited it into my heart.

A strange thing about fear, it grabs onto you and will not let go. I received encouragement and reminders of things I had accomplished in the past, but fear did not care. It kept telling me you’re older now. No one cares what you did before or what you have to say now.

The worst time that happened after the job had to downsize. I put in applications to no avail. I believe because I could collect social security, and I might be a health risk. Fear was gleeful and laughed at me. I was an old relic of little use.

You can read about my journey from self-pity to reaching for my dream in my book, “Courage to Live My Dream.” You can purchase my book on Writing the book was one of my goals. I am happy to say I am both a national and international best selling author.

Go for your dream. I am experiencing several of mine. I want to have the same experience. That is it for now. I am still working on the direction I will take my blog starting Monday. I hope you will continue to read and enjoy the blog. You can leave a comment or share it with your friends. Until next time, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

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