I Am Grateful

Today has been super crazy! It began with the final day of a three-day conference. Then I had to prepare for my interview show. I am super tired but must get this blog out. I have committed to this. Besides, I find it fun to write.

I have so much to be grateful for, and I thought I would share a little of it here.

I am grateful for my life. I am blessed to have four sons. Those four sons gave me 15 grandchildren, and those grandchildren have given me so far seven great-grandchildren with another one on the way.

So far, the Lord has blessed me with good health, and I thank Him every morning for another day. I thank Him for my health because, as of this writing, I take no medication.

As a child and teenager, the only person who believed I could or should write was my father. Because he left us, I did not want to hear what he had to say. However, they say everything happens the way it is supposed to. I may not have had anything of interest to write about then, but I have a lifetime of knowledge and experience to share with others now.

So, I am grateful for the opportunity to write now. I love sharing what I have learned, and I will do that with this blog, my books, podcast, and internet interview show, and because I am a speaker, I have another outlet for sharing my knowledge.

That’s it for now. But how awesome that I get to write now. Never give up on your dreams. Check out my latest interview at https://youtu.be/in9fGjECZt0 Tomorrow, I will share something I hope will be inspiring for you. Until then, stay safe and keep the faith.

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