24 Things To Do-When You Are Having A Bad Day

Hey, Guys! I want to bring you back up if you read my earlier blog post. A friend gave me a list of 24 things to do when you are having a bad day. It is by Joanna Rahier. I hope she does not mind me sharing.

  1. Go outside for a walk – I took a short walk before writing this blog. When I have finished writing, I will take a walk in my home.
  2. Take a hike down an unknown trail – Not for me, unless there are at ten friends I trust are with me.
  3. Take a 15-minute workout or jump up and down a few times. – I could jump up and down, at least for 2 or 3 minutes until I built up my stamina!
  4. Get dressed, put on some makeup – I do this every morning because I sometimes have to jump on a Zoom call. I considered it impolite to not show yourself unless you need to get up for a moment. Otherwise, it is disrespectful o the speaker. Getting dressed makes the day better puts you in a better frame of mind.
  5. Prepare a healthy meal – Think energizing fruits and leafy greens. – I usually have grits, eggs, and coffee for breakfast.
  6. Make your juice or go to a juicer – I’m ok with peeling an orange. Tastes better for me.
  7. Play with your dog.cat or find someone’s dog and play with it – I am not a pet person. However, when my grandson moved to his new place, he could not have pets. I now have two cats. My grandson comes by once a week and cleans up behind them and buys their food. I know! Why did I not take to a shelter or SPCA? They might have ended up with someone who would mistreat them. I will write a post about them maybe this weekend.
  8. Take a nice, hot shower – I will after I do my jump/walk-in place exercise.
  9. Visit your favorite coffee shop – That would be my kitchen! I make the best coffee for me (hehe)
  10. Think of 5 nice things to say before-mouthing anything. – It would make a better world if we all stopped and thought first.
  11. Cuddle someone – That’s a little difficult right now. However, I do have my books and a fake fireplace. I can cuddle up with a throw blanket, a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of champagne, maybe some of my favorite milk chocolate candy, and one of my favorite romance stories. It works for me!
  12. Eat some chocolate – See! Chocolate it is. I guess better go some candy.

I am stopping for now. The rest I will share tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed the little anecdotes I included with each suggestion. I liked sharing them with you.

Let me know if there is anything you would like me to write. If I do not know the subject, I can research it or ask someone else to write it. Thank you again for reading my posts and for letting me share my grief with you. Until next time, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

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