My Grandson Experiences Loss

It is never my plan to bring anyone down, but I find it easier to speak through the blog.

After I had already done my post yesterday, my grandson’s girlfriend had a miscarriage. I could hear the pain in his voice. I wanted to reach through the phone and hold him as I did when he was a little boy.

I raised him from a baby, and my sons all know I consider him my fifth son. I know he wanted to put on a brave front for me, but I could feel his hurt. I know what he is going through.

Between my first two sons and the last two, I had two miscarriages, then years later, I lost my born in a car accident. I expressed to him I am here when he needs to talk or cry. I hope he does not feel he has to be strong on his own.

I made that mistake. Everyone always said I was the strong one. I could handle anything. I would be okay because I did not let anything get me down. On the inside, I screamed with unvoiced anger. Did no one understand my pain?

I know a mother feels the loss differently from how a father feels the loss, but the loss is still there in his heart. He will learn to live with his hurt and go on with his life. However, there will be times when something is said, or some little action will remind him of the loss, and the pain will start all over again. The good news, if you can call it that, is the times will become fewer.

I pray he and his girlfriend will be alright. They have the chance to try again. I will keep them in my prayers. Thank you for allowing me to share my sorrow. Tomorrow I will write something uplifting that you can use. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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