If Today

I love this quote by Kamand Kojouri! I am happy today. Because I committed to posting five days a week, and I would post on the weekends If my obligations did not interfere.

I am posting this quote as part of my commitment. I ran out of time to write a full blog post but did not want to break my promise to you.

I thought this was a reasonable quote. You get to decide if you want to be happy or not today. Either way, you will not see this day again. For myself, I look for something about my life or surroundings, and I begin to feel better.

It seems I was able to write more than I thought I had to do. I am grateful that I could post more than a quote. Later today, I will post the other twelve things to do when you are having a bad day. I hope you enjoyed the twelve I posted yesterday. Until later, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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