Conference Excitement

This past weekend I attended the Blog and VideoCon Conference. It was full of great nuggets of information presented by the speakers. The great thing about attending conferences, you learn something new, or you may have forgotten that takes on a new meaning.

Day 1

Friday, November 6th, 2020

Opening with Tim Gillette

Gina St George, Why you should create a course NOW

Tim Gillette, Simple Easy ways to stand out online

Paul Finck, Content Creation

Ross Brand, Grow with Multi-streaming

Joe Pardo, Free Virtual Events and You

Leisa Reid, Book your Virtual talk like a boss

Tim Gillette, 3 ways to get help with your Blog and Video

Special Surprise Guests, Bill Walsh, and Larry Broughton

Day 2

Saturday, November 7th, 2020

Tim Gillette, Creating Content on all 3 levels

Larry Roberts, Podcasting

Terri Hardin, Video set up for the technically challenged

Tim Gillette, Building an Engaged community 

Mastermind Panel, Panel discussion about Masterminds

Panelists, Tim Gillette, Terri Hardin, La Wanna Parker, John Chester, III, Judy Cook, and LarryRoberts.

Tim Gillette, Making money and making it as a business.

Virtual Events Panel, Panel discussion about hosting virtual events

Panelists; Tim Gillette, La Wanna Parker, Toni Caruso, and Joe Pardo

Dave Jackson, How to Turn your Blog and Video into a Podcast

For those of you into podcasting, blogging, and doing videos, this was the place you should have been! There was information on monetizing your programs, services, and events.

I had heard many of the things before, but they seemed to mean more this time, or I am ready to receive and implement the information this time around.

I took away so much information to help me as I move forward with my videos and blogging. Check out my videos at and leave a like and comment. Most importantly, please share it with your family and friends. I plan to make changes to improve what I have now. Thank you for reading my blog. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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