Happy Veterans Day!

Today is Veteran’s Day! It is special to me as it should be for all Americans. I am proud of the men and women who choose to go into the military. They go because they love this country and want to do what they can to protect her and her citizens. They do this knowing they will be away from family and friends for long periods, and some of them pay the ultimate price for that service.

I honor both them and their families, and I pray for them every morning. I am proud of the many uncles, cousins, nephews, sons, and my brother and granddaughter, who chose to go into military service.

My prayers and love go out to all of you and your families and all the first responders. You are the best of the best that America has. You are willing to put your lives on the line for the rest of us, and I, for one, will be forever grateful. Happy Veteran’s Day and God bless you all! Please be safe, and keep the faith.

Can We Talk?

Today, I thought I would share a little bit of me and what I am doing. I have boxes galore filled with papers and things I will probably never use again. However, I found a calendar journal I purchased for 1995, There should also be one for 1994, but I guess it is in another box.

I mention the journal because it has some great quotes and suggestions for goal setting and staying motivated. I thought I would share some here in between the articles I post. I might even post twice a day at other times.

I was so excited about finding the journal I decided to go on the internet to look up Dr. Howard Jans, so I could purchase a more updated journal. I couldn’t find anything that was current for him. I checked with Amazon because they have everything. However, the only thing they had was a pamphlet he wrote in 1980.

It arrived yesterday, and like his Success Journals, he has written some beautiful words of wisdom. I want to share them with you starting today. It is an itty bitty book that looks more like a pamphlet. Most of the positive thoughts he wrote come from the many Success Journals he wrote over the years. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The collection of positive thoughts he compiled in a book he called Power in Thought. He has written on for each letter of the alphabet, and that is how I will present them to you.

          ACTION speaks louder than words.

          Every ADVERSITY has the seed of a more significant benefit.

          ACTION will conquer fear.

I thought about this, and I realized that when I feared doing something, the only thing that took the fear away was taking action. The same holds for the times when I gave in to the fear. I regrated and fretted over my failure to follow through. Have you missed out on some great opportunities because you were afraid of failing and turned away from a chance at something great that you had reason to regret later?

When presented with a chance or opportunity, you fear, remember the alternative, and take action. Then reward yourself for your courage. Tomorrow, I will share his thoughts on the letter “B.” Until then, please stay safe, and keep the faith.