I have another quote from Dr. Howard Jans.

          BELIEF triggers the power to achieve.

          Belief will overcome doubt.

Nothing great was ever achieved without BELIEF.

BELIEVE I can succeed, and I will.

Think BIG to make it BIG.

Before belief can take place, you must choose to believe. Years ago, I recognized that everything that happens in life is a choice as to how we will accept or deny it.

I remember in I was many years younger, a friend who owned a modeling school I attended made an offer when she found out I was moving almost five hundred miles away.

She wanted to expand her business and offered me the opportunity to manage it for her. She saw something in me that I did not. Today, I would ask if I would receive training, and what exactly she expected of me? Instead, I proceeded to list all the reasons I was not qualified for the job. She withdrew the offer, and I was devastated. I thought she would convince me I could do it and insist I take what she offered.

Several times, she put me in charge of the training when her assistant was unable to be there. She saw the potential in me. I did not. I did not believe I could do the job, and I was right because I chose to think I could not. Had I decided to believe in myself and accept the position, I would have been right.

I would make the same mistake a few more times before I met a woman who would take no for an answer. Bless her heart, she looked me in the eye and said, you can do this. I will be beside you supporting you, and if you fall, I will catch you, and we will start over.

No one had ever said that to me. My angel did not do anything special. She chose to believe I could do the job. She told me I had everything I needed inside. I only needed to accept it and choose to believe I could because she would expect nothing less than my best.

We accomplished many projects together and separately. I did this because I chose to believe I could and took the necessary action. Believe you can and take action. That is it for now. Tomorrow will be another word. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.