By setting goals, you determine

your life’s direction and give

meaning to what you are doing. -Unknown-

GOALS give me direction.

A person without a GOAL is like a ship without a rudder.

When I stop GROWING, I begin to die. -Dr. Howard Jans-

During the pandemic, I have learned that I have to write my goal/dream down on paper, and two, I have to get clear about what I want to do.

In the past, when I decided on a goal, I would write it down with a list of other things I wanted to do. Sometimes I was able to do them all, but often I failed. And boy, could I come up with excuses for my failures. What I should have done, look at what I had accomplished and what I failed, and made the necessary changes for future improvements.

I recognize so many mistakes I made, but I am happy to say that I have changed. I still make errors and miscalculations, but I check how I can do it differently. I choose not to give up because it did not work.

I will admit that I do several things, and sometimes it may seem like I am giving up, but the truth is I have a variety of things I am interested in and like to do. At my age, I can not wait to complete one thing then move to the next one.

Therefore, I do more than one at a time. I can do that now because my children are all adults with children of their own.

I do not know where you are in your life, but I urge you to set clear goals and take the necessary action to achieve them. I want to get more in-depth on this subject. However, I am going to save it for tomorrow. I promised to have this post up within two hours, and I need more time to speak on this subject.

Now, you have a reason to return tomorrow. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

I am So Sorry!

I am not sure what happened! I thought I had written a post and put it up! I am in the middle of writing one, and it will go up as soon as I finish it. However, I thought I would write a  short note of apology. I have committed to posting every day, and I messed up. I will make every effort not to let that happen again without telling you in advance if I can. But remember I am only human, and we make mistakes.

Now that I have you. Yesterday I interviewed one of my mentors, and I would love for you to go to youtube at https://youtu.be/uqoZKfsKPFY.

Raven Glover is a well-known interviewer, and I was honored to have her on my show. I have agreed to be a part of her network, so my videos will appear on Amazon Fire and Roku. My podcast will be on iHeart, Spotify, and iTunes, to name a few. Both shows are called “Courage to Live Your Dream.”

Give me about an hour or two to get the blog with a little meat and potatoes up, but in the meantime, I leave you with another one of Dr. Howard Jans pearls of wisdom.

I will not be FREE until I do my own thinking.

I make my own FUTURE.

I am the master of my FATE.


You have only FAILED when you have FAILED to try. So, until the next blog post, stay safe, and keep the faith.