HAPPINESS depends on my attitude.

There are no HOPELESS situations, only people who have people who have become HOPELESS.

Form positive HABITS to offset negative ones.

HAPPINESS comes from HELPING others to find it. – Dr. Howard Jan

The past three or four weeks have been very challenging for me. It began with electrical problems in my computer room. I believe because it kept popping off and on unexpectedly, it affected my laptop because it has been acting crazy.

Now, I am sitting here with mixed feelings. I feel like sharing, so this will be both sad and happy. I usually keep things to myself, but I want to share with you. I lost my uncle to COVID. At 87, he had lived a long and useful life. I know he is in a better place, and he would not want me to sit around, feeling sad. The unfortunate part is that he is the fourth person in my family to pass from COVID. I am grateful because my nephew also caught it, but he has survived it.

Now, for the great news! My electrical problem has finally cleared up. I can grocery shop to put food in my refrigerator. I was without my refrigerator for a little over a week—everything in it and the freezer, I had to throw out. What a waste! That leaves the water heater. I am still having problems with getting it to work correctly.

Wow! It feels good letting my frustration out. I feel better. Thank you for listening. My mood feels happy. I must remember to do this again in the future. I promise it will not be a habit. I am almost always excited and enthused about life.

Because you let me rant, I am sharing a little message that I hope will help you be happy and inspire others to be ecstatic with their life.

My happiness inspires others to be happy

It is alright to be free of guilt when you focus on your happiness. Happiness has a positive effect on everyone around you. Positive feelings can be infectious. All it takes is one happy person to create other happy people. Always treat others better and more respectfully when you are happy.

Give your happiness the priority it rightly deserves. When your thoughts, words, and deeds are in harmony, you feel great joy.

When you are happy, the most important people in your life are happy, too.

My happiness benefits my friends and family, and your joy will do the same for you in your life.

I know my happiness inspires others because the happiness of others inspires me. It makes my day lighter and brighter when I spend time with happy people. I find it only takes one person’s pleasure to influence the mood and thoughts of another. I know this to be true.

Our negative moods can also impact others. For this reason, I make a serious effort to have a festive mood, a smile, speak to everyone I meet. I look forward with great anticipation and enthusiasm toward the future. The future is as bright as I expect it to be because I choose to make it so. I remember to consider the power my mood has upon others.

Today, I am pursuing my happiness with enthusiasm. Despite all the crazy things that have happened, I choose not to give in to the negative thoughts that come knocking on my mind. I do not feel selfish when I prioritize my happiness. My positive outlook on the future also benefits my friends and loved ones.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you feel when your close friends and family are happy?
  2. How does your mood influence those around you? What are some examples?
  3. What can you do today to live a happier life?

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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