Be Grateful

It is easy to expect success as if being successful was a right instead of a privilege and a gift. The problem with expecting to succeed is that, without more, the self-absorption of that expectation can slowly and subtly poison everything around you, including your business.

The real success we earn, and when it arrives, should be, and needs to be, accompanied by a stirring sense of gratitude. This gratitude is not merely about being grateful for what you have achieved. It is about being grounded enough in the moment of success to remember and recognize everyone who helped you get to this particular time and place. Without this grounded gratefulness, any win is lessened and will, in all likelihood, be fleeting.

So how do you repay those who helped you in achieving your goals? Well, acknowledging those individuals and sharing the benefits of your success with them is a great place to start. Yet, above and beyond taking care of your nearest and dearest, you also need to “pay it forward” by becoming a mentor and helper to others who are currently on their journey towards success. Think about how you can collaborate with someone else to further their efforts. See if you can contribute in some way to their projects. The contribution does not have to be monetary. Advice and the wisdom of experience are often far more valuable than cold cash.

Gratitude can extend even further. Some people are currently helping you every day that you may not see as mentors. Your customers are among these people. Without them, success becomes impossible. Take the time to let them know how important they are. Your vendors are also equally important. Yes, they provide you with materials that you pay them for providing. Still, a genuinely grounded and grateful attitude would even recognize each of them for the critical element they play in your business. Look outside the box, and you will see that success is not a solo effort; it is a team sport.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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