Do Not Allow Yourself to Become Outdated

One day you are stuffing keywords into your copy to rank well in Google, and the next day, the fickle search engine turned off by keywords – and there is even a penalty if you have too many!

Squidoo is an excellent example of a type of technology that many depended on – and then it is closed for business suddenly. Some relied on it 100% to pay their mortgages, support their children, and sustain a living all around.

It is technologically challenging being an online entrepreneur because you have to find time to keep up with all of the latest in the industry that can help you succeed. If you love what you do, you will likely enjoy keeping up to date with the new stuff that can make your life easier as an Internet entrepreneur – or better ensure your future success.

If you are not ready to commit to keeping up to date, you cannot lead others. For example, what if you did not know about social networking migrations and you were still trying to spam people on MySpace?

Keeping up to date can be a journey in itself. There are web media such as blogs, podcasts, and forums to keep track of – and, of course, the rules and regulations that are always changing for online marketers.

If you are reading about changes in a blog or forum, make sure you are not reading an outdated post. That is wasted time. There are continual updates on how to promote your products, free apps that can help you save time and make your job more comfortable, and technology news sites you can subscribe to to keep you abreast of what is happening in the industry.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook can also keep you updated continually. Following such people as Bill Gates and Martin Fowler (Software Development Methodologies) and other marketing gurus you admire is another good way to get the latest news and updates.

Other methods of finding resources to keep in touch are web-based, online tutorials, and webcasts. Acquiring professional training is great if you can afford the coaching fees, but many sites today offer excellent, informative tutorials that will keep you technologically focused.

Podcasts and forums are also fantastic resources for keeping in touch. Set up your podcasts or get together with other bloggers to talk about specific topics and trends.

Keep searching, and you will find one or more that suits all of your needs. Books and magazines may also be a good source of Internet marketing information, but check that the print copies contain accurate and up-to-date technical data on the subject matter you are researching.

This type of resource can become out of date in no time because of the changing nature of the Internet. Knowing it is a constantly changing technological world, spend some time researching new methods, and you will be ready for the good and the bad.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

Do Not Pick a Niche Because Someone Told You To

Choosing a niche doesn’t have to be intimidating and daunting. It should be a fun project – and one based on several criteria – the first being that you have a distinct interest in the niche.

Too many newbies come online, and the way they pick a niche is no better than playing pin the tail on the donkey. If they hear a successful marketer mention a topic, they jump on it – without ever looking to see if it is right for them.

You should be excited about delving into one or more of the things you love best for the business you are about to create. Never choose a niche because someone told you the money is excellent and fast.

It will backfire on you if you are just not interested. Another criterion for choosing a niche is that it has profit potential. You will not be interested in building a business that does not have any potential for financial success.

You have to look for the niche that interests you. There are plenty of those out there for everyone. Keep in mind that the niche you choose will be the one you will invest thousands of hours and some hard-earned money into, and you will have to learn some strategies along the way.

Research is the only way to choose an exciting and profitable niche, and there are lots of online help you can use. Keyword research (for volume) is one of the best ways to see how many people are interested in your topic and search for it using search engines.

Compare various topics to measure their popularity better. Wordtracker is an excellent and easy-to-use tool that can give you all of the information you need about topic popularity.

Wordtracker also has a program called “Keyword Universe,” a tool designed to search the ‘net for keywords related to your main topic. It can show you a list of other words you may want to use and tell you the count of searches.

You may see other niches you could either branch out or change your original keyword because of popularity. It helps you pick a slant, too – where you can dig down a bit deeper in a niche and dominate it.

Besides keyword research, spend some time surfing the ‘net and finding out how and what others are doing in similar niches. Do not be turned off if you find there is a lot of competition.

That means that many people are interested in the niche, and the marketers are making money. Make sure you avoid hyped-up sales pitches that promise overnight success.

If you are building a business that you want to last and prosper, you will want to choose a niche to branch out into broader markets and plenty of potentials to narrow the market.

It means there are ample amounts of consumers for you to sell to and a ton of different product slants you can develop. For example, dieting is a broad niche, but then you can target men or women, age groups, particular circumstances like post-pregnancy, and types of diets such as low carb, fasting, or calorie counting.

Whatever you do, do not worry about making a mistake in picking your niche. Most marketers have gone into and abandoned a few niches before they find the one that makes them satisfied – and puts cash in their bank account.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith! 

Do not Be Stingy with Promo Planning

One of the worst things you can do in your state of desperation is to rush things. But this happens all the time, and newbie marketers wonder why no one will promote their products for them.

A good promotion plan can mean huge monetary success to your online business. The first rule of promotion planning is – start early! Give yourself at least four weeks to plan and prepare – more if feasible.

Announce it to your JVs and affiliates so they can schedule, too. Depending on their time and efforts, they can create bonuses that will spur you on even greater success.

And customers can plan for the promotion by setting aside some cash. Even small amounts are hard for some people, but they will save up for it over a couple of weeks or a month if they want your product.

You will want to build some enthusiasm for the promotion among everyone. Announce it on social media, blogs, and anyway you can to create some excitement among those who will likely provide the best results.

A little research of those who might benefit from your promotion is necessary to make sure you have a good idea of how many sales you might reap. Look for blogs and websites that offer similar products to yours.

Please spend some time planning the promotion so it will be a huge success. Among the issues, you need to remember are things like knowing your target audience. Existing customers (those on your list) are always a must.

They know you and are familiar with your products, and are loyal. Other marketers who have similar audiences should also be informed about your promotion so they, too, can build excitement among their lists.

Know your objectives. Pleasing your audience with a quality offering should be first on your list – not seeing how much cash you can rake in with whatever you slap-up for sale.

If you do it with quality in mind, then the money and future customer loyalty will come. Offer an excellent and informative product at a reasonable price. Think about what your strategies will be.

Are you planning to promote on social media, with affiliates, JV partners, website, videos, webinars, podcasts, or interviews? Will you have a commission contest? They are all great ways to create anticipation for your promotion, but you need to assess how much time and effort to put into each of these that will be most advantageous to your promotion.

How are you going to put your promotion into action? This part of your promotion planning takes organization. Develop timelines (should be met at all costs) for each part of your advertising and stick to them.

You can not tell affiliates and JV partners that you plan to launch one day and then the day before, renege on them and delay it for a few weeks. People have schedules for when they promote others, and if you are lucky enough to be on it, you should respect their time.

You carefully layout your promotion plan to know every aspect of it and when it will launch. You are offering a vision that you created to your audience, and you want to give it every chance of succeeding – both for you, others involved in the promotion, and especially for your customers.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Call Yourself the Best

Sometimes it is tough for us to toot our horns or tell others how great we are. You do not want it to come off as arrogant or conceited, but it is important in the online marketing business for others to know what you have to offer and the experience you have in the niche.

And it may be more important than you think. You may have looked at another marketer’s achievements and thought there is no way you could ever measure up. Do not be so hard on yourself.

Chances are, you may already have some accomplishments to brag about in a way that others will take you very seriously. You can brag about yourself and boost your online presence without seeming like a braggart with an inflated ego.

Avoid making self-deprecating brags. That is when you may share some of your accomplishments and try to appear humble by joking about your incompetence.

For example, you might mention that you were invited to speak at an important seminar and then humble yourself by saying they must have been desperate to choose you as the speaker. Self-deprecating brags often come off as pathetic rather than humble.

Be excited about your story. Rather than play down your accomplishments, make them into stories that inspire and encourage others. Even if the story about your successes border on the mundane, you can indeed find something about your accounts to get you excited.

For example, meeting another Internet marketer who became your mentor and showed you the ropes just as you were about to give up can encourage others to keep networking.

Bring in a friend. Get another networking friend (preferable with his or her list of accomplishments) and brag about each other online. You get to boast about the other person’s experience and achievements, and he or she gets to brag about you.

People are sometimes more receptive to a third party’s information about you, and both you and the friend will get some great online recognition. It is better when it happens naturally, rather than planning it out where it may seem stiff. Just look for opportunities to reciprocate kind remarks.

Share your sense of humor. Put some spirit behind your stories, and you will be memorable to others without being perceived as bragging. For example, if you have a humorous story about how you embarrassed yourself online while rising to the top of the barrel, find a way to tell it with humor.

Everyone loves a good story, and you must use yours to brand yourself and shore up your business as much as you can. Since Americans hear or read over 100,000 words per day, we must get our messages across as best we can and let others know that we are the best in our niches – along with why.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

I am Missing Christmas!

I am missing Christma already. I celebrate Christmas up to January 2nd. It is my first born’s birthday.We lost him January 25th, 1989, when he was 23. So I close out Christmas on his birthday because he loved it so much.

I will share more about him on his birthday. For now, I am missing Christmas because everything is starting to wear down and the excitement and the anticipation is gone. I am declaring next year Christmas will be even better!

Until tomorrow, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

Enjoy the Magic of Christmas!

Celebrate Christmas!

I love to see the excitement on people’s faces at Christmas time. I even like all the hustle and bustle.

I enjoy seeing the transformation from the mundane to the magical: the lights, decorations, and the aromas in the air. It is the magic of Christmas that gets me every year.

The Christmas season helps me realize how important it is for me to celebrate life and remember the real reason I celebrate. I celebrate the coming of Jesus and why he chose to present himself as a sacrifice for all of us. Sometimes, I get too caught up in the day-to day-activities of regular routines. It is great that I can pull myself out of the ‘doing’ and permit myself to be a little kid for a moment.

I love to see all the new decorations that creative people come up with each year. It is fun to add unique decorations while still enjoying some of the old ones that bring back fond memories.

It tickles me to see the reaction of children sitting on Santa’s lap.

I love to see the costumes, crazy hats, and tee shirts people wear during this time of the year. I find it healthy to laugh at myself for some of my outfits. I love ugly sweater parties. Any time to stop taking myself so seriously is a good thing.

“I am becoming such a Christmas Elf!” I giggle an elfish laugh and grin. I may even treat myself to some hot cocoa and a Christmas cookie.

Today, I feel the Christmas Magic within. I allow myself to be transformed by the magic of Christmas as I take time to enjoy the holidays thoroughly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can the Christmas season teach us about celebrating life?
  2. How can we immerse ourselves in Christmas magic?
  3. What can we do to enjoy the holiday season even more?

Until next time, stay safe, keep the faith, and Merry Christmas!

New Carol!

Merry Christmas Eve!

My friend, Olivia Huff, husband, put new words to an old song, and I thought it would be great to share with you. Please enjoy!

This is the carol we will sing….sung to “Good King Wenceslas”  (Talib wrote it)

Happy Solstice to you!



Covid virus came this year, bringing lots of worry,

Wash your hands and stay inside, came orders in a hurry,

Nothing seemed to stop the spread, numbers rising daily

Soon we all were filled with dread, worried ‘bout our safety!

Still life went on, we could not stop, we just went on living.

Spring and summer came and went, then it was Thanksgiving

Now the winter’s come along, bringing Christmas near,

The virus will not stop our joy, or spreading Christmas cheer!

If sorrow was your lot this year, we offer you this blessing,

We hope the new year brings relief, and is much less distressing

Remember good times follow bad, the world will keep on turning,

Though the darkness is at hand the light is now returning

So we sing to you our songs, you and yours to greet,

We wish you health from far away, here safely in the street.

May you find peace in the dark, in this longest night,

Find the grace that’s in your heart, leading towards the light.

Talib Huff, 12/20/2020

Until next time, stay safe, keep the faith, and Merry Christmas!

Stay in Shape During Christmas Season

It is so easy to drift off into Carefree Land the minute the Christmas season rolls around. Every ounce of discipline you have had throughout the year with things like hitting targets, eating healthily, and working out give way to the festivities that accompany Christmas.

It is okay to participate in the seasons’ festivities and indulge a little. Still, you absolutely should ensure that you do what is necessary to stay in shape even if your routine is interrupted. The good thing for you is that it is still possible to keep in shape during the Christmas season.

So as you go through the motions of planning Christmas dinner, wrapping presents, and drinking eggnog, why not include these tips for ensuring your health and fitness is in check at the same time?

  1. Do Christmas shopping on foot. In this Information Age, it is pretty easy to do all the Christmas shopping online. While it is convenient and efficient, it takes away from the enjoyment of “touch and feel” and the physical workout!

    Find the biggest mall in your area and stroll on the weekend to search for family and friends’ gifts.

    Visit multiple locations to find the best deals – and secretly the fitness benefits.

    Wear leg shaping sneakers on your expedition, so you are getting the added benefit of toned legs and buttocks!Wear your mask and stay a safe distance when shopping or walking.
  2. Keep healthy snacks around. While watching your favorite Christmas movies or spending the night wrapping presents, you will likely want to have snacks around. And you can do that, but ensure they are healthy options and nothing that you will feel guilty about down the road.

    Nuts are always a good idea for snacking.

    Remember that if something is around when you get hungry, you will likely eat it. Keep that in mind, when shopping for snacks at the supermarket.
  3. Participate in daytime festivities. Instead of throwing a late evening bash for friends and family, why not make it brunch? A daytime celebration works out better than a late evening one because even if your food choices are not the healthiest, you will have more time to burn off the calories before bedtime.

    Invite your friends and family to a backyard party with tents, hammocks, and sunlight. The warmth and beauty of the daytime are more likely to have you moving around.

    Go on a picnic at the local park and take all the necessities like blankets, pillows, and fold-up chairs along. The more things you have to pack and unpack, the more of a workout you will get.
  4. Make potluck dinner on Christmas Day. There is nothing as yummy as leftovers after Christmas. Unfortunately, leftovers can often lead to overeating. Instead of cooking a whole feast, why not team up with friends and potluck on Christmas Day? Fewer portions and less expense!

    If you opt to do a rich and creamy macaroni and cheese, bake it in a disposable container instead of your pricey baking dish. That way, you will not feel inclined to take home whatever is left.

While you will have better luck at staying in shape by staying away from the festivities, that is not an option! Christmas comes around for you to enjoy and make the most of with family and friends. Just be sure that amid the enjoyment are wise decisions that take your health and fitness into consideration.

As with all these suggestions, wear your mask, and practice social distances, but have fun and enjoy your family and friends. Until next time stay safe, and keep the faith. Merry Christmas!