Cutting Corners Could Cost You Your Reputation

We’re all pressed for time and energy at times, and cutting corners on a product or content seems tempting. Just slap it up there and hope it flies. But that may be a move you eventually regret.

Your reputation is at stake here, and one product disaster could ruin it for you. There are so many ways to damage your reputation if you are not vigilant. After all, your product and your profile are on display 24/7, and you want it to influence others rather than turn them away in disgust.

Here are some ways you might choose to cut corners to the detriment of your online business:

1. Focus on yourself. You may think you do not have time to promote others and yourself. But you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you do not take the opportunity to mention, promote, join affiliates and connect with other marketers in any way you can.

Promoting others boosts your professional presence and adds to your followers. Some marketers try to get away with the “me, me, me” mentality but what happens is, those people promoting you realize you do not reciprocate in any way, and they drop you – drying up your income, fast.

2. Opt to create your design. Some design elements are easier done by you than others. However, DIY plans do not always work to make the best first impression.

When designing a blog theme or website, you must present the best first impression possible. Do not cut corners here. Can you get away with a sloppy DIY job? Maybe. But why would you want to put that out there to represent you?

3. Forgo originality. Everything about your product and integrity should be unique and give your audience something the audience did not know or do not have (and want). Your content, especially, should be your own.

You can hire ghostwriters or purchase PLR, but make it exciting and unique. Everything out there should have some semblance of personality from you – a style all your own.

4. Using untrue or irresponsible posts. The Internet may seem fleeting, but what you say or post is on there forever. It would help if you took the time to verify the information to make sure you always present the truth.

Unfortunately, you can not erase what you posted. You may have heard the saying, “your reputation precedes you.” That is certainly true when it comes to what you are putting online.

We all want to cut corners, and you can – but with much caution. With social media and other ways to enhance your reputation, it is a boon if done correctly and a disaster if not.

Remember to take the time to cultivate a relationship with your audience and your fellow marketers. Spend time building relationships. It is time well spent in the long run than focusing on the greed that comes naturally for us as entrepreneurs.

You should stifle it so that everything can be done with heart – ethically, in a way that shows strength and leadership, not desperation and a lack of morals or professionalism in the niche.

Cutting corners can either reap great benefits for you or damage your reputation. Ensure that content, comments, and products you sign off on represent your values and business quality.

I hope this post is of great benefit to you. Until next time, please take care, and keep the faith.  

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