New Carol!

Merry Christmas Eve!

My friend, Olivia Huff, husband, put new words to an old song, and I thought it would be great to share with you. Please enjoy!

This is the carol we will sing….sung to “Good King Wenceslas”  (Talib wrote it)

Happy Solstice to you!



Covid virus came this year, bringing lots of worry,

Wash your hands and stay inside, came orders in a hurry,

Nothing seemed to stop the spread, numbers rising daily

Soon we all were filled with dread, worried ‘bout our safety!

Still life went on, we could not stop, we just went on living.

Spring and summer came and went, then it was Thanksgiving

Now the winter’s come along, bringing Christmas near,

The virus will not stop our joy, or spreading Christmas cheer!

If sorrow was your lot this year, we offer you this blessing,

We hope the new year brings relief, and is much less distressing

Remember good times follow bad, the world will keep on turning,

Though the darkness is at hand the light is now returning

So we sing to you our songs, you and yours to greet,

We wish you health from far away, here safely in the street.

May you find peace in the dark, in this longest night,

Find the grace that’s in your heart, leading towards the light.

Talib Huff, 12/20/2020

Until next time, stay safe, keep the faith, and Merry Christmas!

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