All Things Are Difficult!

I woke this morning feeling almost like myself. After a few hours, my eyes felt feverish, and I felt extremely tired, and exhausted. So much so I had to return to bed.

For the next few days I will post quotes until I am feeling better. It is difficult doing this when I feel so bad.

I am posting to keep from getting in the habit of letting days go by without you hearing from me.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith! I love you all!

One thought on “All Things Are Difficult!

  1. It;s nice to have a writing goal but if you are sick in these times with symptoms that are similar to Covid-19 it would be a good idea not to wait until you get worse to get tested if you have not already been tested. You have an article on Covid-19 please read it and take it seriously. You may not have it but you are usually not sick. Do it for your family. Love you.

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