11 Tips for Overcoming Laziness pt. 2

The final six tips for overcoming laziness and how it can help improve your life.

  1. Get more sleep. Perhaps you are just tired. More rest is the answer.
  2. Visualize the task already completed. Close your eyes and see yourself completing the task. Notice how wonderful you feel. Use that feeling as motivation to get busy.
  3. Relax. The ultimate reason we do not take action is this: We think about performing a task, and it does not feel good. Notice where you feel uncomfortable when you think about doing that unpleasant task. Relax that area, breathe deeply, and the feeling will dissipate.
  4. Think about something that gets you excited. What is something you love to do? Think about that for a while, and then quickly get started on the unpleasant task.
  5. See yourself as someone that gets things done. If you see yourself as someone that struggles to complete your tasks, that is how you will behave. Instead, convince yourself that you are someone that takes care of business. Validate this belief by noticing the many tasks you do.
  6. Schedule breaks. When you have a break to look forward to, it is easier to get to work. Promise yourself that you can do whatever you want for 20 minutes after you work for two hours.

Just because you feel like being lazy does not mean you have to be lazy. Take control of the situation and get yourself to take meaningful action.

Everyone feels lazy from time to time, but successful people can move past this temporary emotional state and get themselves moving again.

Give yourself the occasional lazy day but avoid allowing yourself to be lazy regularly. When you get to work and complete your tasks quickly, you can take more well-deserved time off to relax and do those things that are more important to you. Your life is waiting for you!

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

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