Take Note of What You Read

Take note of what you read, as words have a direct impact on how you feel. The same is true of the words you speak. They can be powerful allies or destructive enemies.

Reading has always been one of my passions and I have read some wonderful books. The books I have read helped me t become who I am today. However, I have not always been as wise when it came to individuals I surrounded myself. You want to have friends who lift you up when you fall or are about to fall. With their help and support there is nothing you can not accomplish.

I recently reconnected with a couple of friends who did that for me. It is amazing what what a few kind, thoughtful words can do for you! If you do not have someone to do that you, I suggest you get a coach. It is true you are paying the coach, but the support has the same effect. Everyone needs to be appreciated. It is human nature.

Until next time, take care of yourself, and keep the faith.

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