Building Self Respect

The first step toward developing self-respect is acknowledging and believing that you matter more than others when it comes to your life decisions.

When you begin to understand that others take their cue from you and respond to how they treat you, you can take charge of yourself.

Be True to Yourself and Your Needs

Be Clear on Your Values

For each part of life that makes you a whole, well-rounded person, consider how your values will play out and what your personal goals are for each.

Stop Trying to Impress Others

Being comfortable with who you are, means no longer worrying if your choices are acceptable to others.

Avoid Being Jealous of Others

Envying others for their success or happiness is sure to rob you of your joy and self-respect.

Change the Inner Voice of Negativity

The negative inner voice we all have can often keep us from taking action in our lives.

Do Not Let Others Have Power Over You

Only when your self-worth comes from you and not others do you have real self-respect.

Treat Yourself with Respect

Surround Yourself with Respectful People

Lead by Example

By treating others with respect, you lead by example in two ways. You help others to see how to treat you. And, you remind yourself why you are deserving of self-respect and how you should treat yourself.

Never Quit Trying

Working on your self-respect is a lifelong endeavor. As we grow and change, our behavior toward ourselves shifts as well.

When you treat yourself with self-respect and are confident in the things you do, others will treat you with respect.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

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