The Unknown: Where You Find Your True Self

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If you’re thinking already, you might as well think big. ~ Unknown

You have probably heard the saying by Roy T. Bennet, “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

During the times you indeed step outside your element, you experience who you are. It is about facing our fears and doing things that make us so passionate.

We often live our lives with the “I cannot,” “I don’t want to,” or “it’s too difficult” thoughts that keep us stuck and unhappy. Only until we realize that when we stop letting our negative thoughts control us, we find our true selves.

Stepping into the unknown is frightening, the place just beyond where we can see the outcome of doing it. That is the part that makes our hearts pump faster, makes us break out into a cold sweat, and yet, and we yearn to see what is there.

Staying in our comfort zone keeps us from stepping into that unknown. It keeps us secure and safe. Your comfort zone is the basis of your life now. It’s how you define who and what you currently are.

But what would happen if you stretched outside that zone? Would bad things happen? Or would you suddenly be excited about life?

How do you know if you should step into the unknown? Begin by writing down ten things that do not scare you, and you often do. It could be things like traveling by bus, giving a public speech, or whatever it is that does not scare you. It will be different for each person because we all have different comfort zones.

Describe how it feels to live within your comfort zone. Be as detailed as possible using feeling words. How does it make you feel to be in your body, your mind, and your life?

Then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are there things you want to achieve but have not yet?
  2. Are you dissatisfied with your daily life?
  3. Do you want to achieve big things?
  4. Do your goals and passions keep appearing, tugging at you?
  5. Is there material or immaterial things you want that you do not have?
  6. Are you struggling with finding meaning in your life?
  7. Are you feeling jealous of others who have achieved or done things you secretly want?

Once you have answered these questions, think about what is keeping you from going after what you want. What makes you uncomfortable? Is it fear? Are you reluctant to take chances or make changes?

Write Down 10 Things That Scare You.

Now describe how it would feel if you were living outside your comfort zone. Be as detailed as possible. You can describe in detail how it feels, what you see, hear, or where you are.  Use images, color, or visualization to help you create your life.

Take your time with these steps. Once you realize what keeps you from stepping into the unknown, you can begin taking small steps outside your comfort zone to get there.

Your life can be as fulfilled and exciting as you desire it to be once you step into the unknown, where you find your true self. 

Until next time, take care of yourself, and keep the faith. 

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