4 Common Myths about Journaling

Journaling is on the rise, and a growing number of solopreneurs and others find it invaluable for getting the clarity and motivation needed to thrive. However, misconceptions are still common, and breaking them can help you make the most of journaling. Here are some common myths about journaling.

Journaling Takes Too Much Time

Journaling is a time commitment, but many people overestimate both how much time it takes and how difficult it is to find the time needed to make journaling a regular habit. If you have a morning routine, there’s a good chance you can spend a few minutes journaling while having a cup of coffee, for example. If you don’t have a morning routine, consider setting one up and making journaling a part of it.

If you spend any time on public transportation or waiting in lines, consider downloading a journaling app to pull up when you have a free moment. Many people find journaling to be most effective right before bed. Consider using journaling as a way to unwind after a long day.

I Don’t Have Anything to Write About

Journaling is a creative task, but do not use the “I’m not creative” excuse to avoid regular journaling. Think about some of the most basic journaling questions or techniques. Consider a gratitude journal: What made you grateful during the day? A surprise journal is also a great way to gain some perspective, so think through how your day went and what parts of it you found surprising. What made you laugh during the day? Journaling helps clarify your aspirations and find out how to meet them, so write about your dreams.

I’m Not Good at Writing, or I Hate Writing

Your journal is not about showing off perfect grammar; it is about speaking to yourself in an organized manner. You do not even need to use typical sentences, so consider starting up a bullet journal to improve your organization and track your days.

Lists are great for journaling, so think about starting up a list of your goals or dreams you can update over time. Finally, note that journaling does not have to be on paper. A simple voice memo app can let you journal through your smartphone’s microphone, allowing you to think through your day and record your thoughts.

There is a Right and Wrong Way to Journal

Following a prescribed journaling method can be great for getting started, and you may find a particular type of journaling is perfect for you. However, any time you spend collecting your thoughts and committing them to paper is time well spent, and even scratching down a few notes you are unlikely to read through again helps organize your thoughts and sets you up for future success. Find out what works for you.

Journaling is an invaluable habit, but many people are intimidated due to persistent myths and misconceptions. Above all, please keep an open mind when it comes to journaling. You may be surprised how your attitude changes over time.

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Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.  

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