Path to Self Discovery

One of the best things I have discovered regarding journaling, I can write whatever I feel feeling. No one is going to read my thoughts and feelings. The year I wrote my book, “Courage to Live My Dream,” came from my feelings of depression.

I realized I was depressed even though I kept my happy face on for everyone to see. When I realized what was happening to me, I started writing. It was what I always did growing. It helped a lonely kid who felt she had no one to share her personal feelings.

I was the one everyone came to when they needed an outlet or sounding board. When I became an adult, people continued to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with me

I shared that small portion of information with you because as a woman and a mother, it was only natural, I became a nurturer. Along the way, I lost who I was and what I wanted.

That is the situation I found myself in, and I am still struggling with who the real me truly is.  Journaling is helping to determine who I want to be.  S, you see, I am on my path to self-discovery.

For now, I know I enjoy writing almost as much as I do reading. I also love giving speeches, sharing what I have learned, and talking in general. My love of talking is only under certain circumstances. When I am reading, writing, or watching television, please leave me the heck alone

I did not mean to ramble, but so many of you are reading my blog, and until I do my about page, you do not know who I am. I will occasionally share more information about myself, including my frustrations, hurt, and anger. However, I rarely get angry.

That is it for now, so until next time, please stay safe, and keep the faith. Love you all!

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