5 Daily Reminders

I posted an article about these five daily reminders last year. I believe them to be significant enough to re-post.

We need daily reminders that we matter and have something to offer. Print yourself a copy of this or write them. It may stick with you longer if, after you print them, you write them in your handwriting.

It is quick and easy to use the computer and print things out, but I remember longer when I write it for myself. Please! I do not write down everything, especially if it is long. However, if it is necessary, I take the time to write it out. You may not need to write. Printing and posting it somewhere you can see it regularly may be enough for you. Do what works best for you, but do it and remember.

Now to switch channels. I am looking out my window, and the day looks beautiful! The sky is light power blue with a spreading of white clouds. Hard to believe the night before last, it was raining hard. I sleep all night peacefully when it rains and wake up feeling rested.

I am going to take my laptop, sit on my porch, and enjoy the sunshine. I hope it is warm because I’m not too fond of chilly days, even with the sun shining! Enough about me and my hope to have a great day. No. Correction. I will have a great day!!! I hope you do too. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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