How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

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It is possible to train your mind to overcome and turn negative thoughts around. Let’s look at some strategies to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts or stop the negative thoughts faster when they start.

  • Change the Focus – When you encounter a negative situation, try to immediately turn it into something positive by focusing on what you can learn about the situation. Even if all you know is that you do not want to do that again, that is a positive thing.
  • Most People Do not Care – The truth is, even if you say the wrong thing or dress what you think is mistaken for an event or do something that you feel embarrassed about, most people do not care that much. If you can develop the ability to laugh at the situation, that is even better. Most people do not have time to think about your bad choices, especially if it doesn’t affect them.
  • Ask Whether You are Too Serious – Sometimes, it is easy to take something seriously when it should not be. Does it matter if you slipped and fell when you were trying to sit in your seat at work? Does it matter that you put on the wrong shoes? Does it matter that much if you pronounced a word wrong? Do not hyper-focus on one mistake or one bad day.
  • Replace Negativity in Your Life – Whether it is people, places, or things, it is time to rid your life of negativity when you can. Sometimes negative people attract negative people. If you want to be more positive, try to find new friends, new activities, and things that make you happy and feel positive.
  • Do not Make Decisions Bigger Than They Are – Many people plagued with self-doubt tend to have trouble making decisions. Even if it is just what to wear, what to eat, or what to buy, they are turned into more significant situations than they are. When you are making any decision, ask yourself whether this will matter in a month, six months, or even five years from now. That way, you will determine whether this is a serious situation you need to spend more time on or if you need to make a choice and either get on with it or not.
  • Talk to Someone – Now, make sure the person you are talking to is positive and does not make you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes it helps to ask someone if you are overacting, especially if you can find someone who understands how you are trying to change your life and get over self-doubt. It may be a professional, a life coach, or a friend – even someone from a support group or an entire support group.
  • Stop Thinking About It – Sometimes, negative thoughts can ruin the experience you are living. It is better to try to shelve the negative thoughts during the incident and try to live in the moment. Being in the present enables you to truly realize that this thing is not negative at all, or not as much as your mind is trying to tell you. Then when you look back on it, you will likely be able to pick out a lot more positives than negatives.
  • Exercise – When it comes down to it, most of us have a lot of extra energy (adrenaline) that we need to burn off. Some people realize this, and that is why they get moving. Whenever you start experiencing negative thoughts, instead of letting yourself do it, get some exercise. Go to the gym, go for a run, go for a walk, ride your bike, jump rope, go for a swim – anything that you can do that you like doing is a good thing to do instead of thinking negatively.
  • Realize When It Is Fear – Sometimes negativity will poke its head in your life when you are doing something a little bit uncomfortable or pushing your comfort zone a bit. There is a quote by George Addair that is useful here, “Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” If you can remind yourself of this quote when you are experiencing negative thoughts associated with fear, you can overcome it.

It will help a lot with overcoming negative thoughts if you put these suggestions into action. You may come up with some of your own too. The point is, you want to turn negative thoughts around so that you can instead experience positivity in your day. That way, you do not get stuck in a pattern of self-doubt.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

Reasons to Believe in Yourself

Let’s go over some reasons that you should believe in yourself so that you can combat and rid your life of self-doubt. The fact is this something that must come from within and not from other people. The idea that if you do not believe in yourself, no one else will is very true. That might seem harsh, but it is a fact that you will need to deal with in your quest to develop your new belief in yourself.

Please read the information below, take it in, and believe it. It is true of everyone, and you included. You were born with everything you need to experience success in life. Your success may look different from someone else’s success, and that is okay. You should be the one who is happy living your life because it is your life to live.

  • You Deserve It – You do deserve to have a happy, complete, and successful life that you enjoy. You can and should wake up each day ready and psyched to continue each day, no matter what it brings. You deserve to feel good about yourself and to rid yourself of self-doubt. You deserve to live a life that invigorates you, regardless of your circumstances. Even if you are experiencing challenges that no one else can relate to, you can still overcome them and live a fulfilling life.
  • Your Current Relationships – Look at the relationships you have now that are successful. The ones that make you happy. The supportive ones. The ones where you are supporting and helpful and make you feel needed. They likely believe in you, and you believe in them. Imagine if you told those people how you feel inside about yourself; wouldn’t they support you and try to talk you out of your self-doubt?
  • Where You Are Now – Even if you are struggling now, you have survived this long, right? That means you are doing something right. You are alive, and you can get this and read it. That is positive that you should focus on right now. Focus on what you have this moment, that is good, which is why you believe in yourself.
  • Prior Success – If you have been successful at something, revel in that. Did you manage to get up this morning? That is a success. Did you do well in school? That is a success. Did you get a driver’s license? That is a success. If you need to get down to the very most minor success, that is okay. You do not have to have considerable successes to draw on to know what it feels like to be successful doing something.
  • You are Just as Good as Others – Remember that you are just as good as someone else and deserve the life you want to live. No one deserves it more than you do. No one is more special, and for that fact, neither are you. But, even though everyone is the same, we all have different ideas of what constitutes success, and that too is just as good as the next person’s idea of success.

The truth is if you look from a distance at your problems and put them into relation to the world, how important are they? If you have made some bad choices that have resulted in going through a rough patch emotionally, financially, or spiritually, that is okay – this is how you grow in life. You thrive in life through experiences. It is how you react to these struggles that make up who you are.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

Jump Start Your Biz Now Conference

It is the end of the first day of Katrina’s conference. She shared so much information on getting your dream/vision clear and emphasized the importance of marketing and sales. More than that, she gave us examples of how to market and sell.

Most important, she allowed questions, and she had so much patience in answering the questions and clarifying for us if we were unsure what she meant. The networking was incredible! We made new friends and contacts.

You can get more information at

Katrina gave us homework for the evening, but tomorrow promises to be even better with more in-depth information on marketing.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

How to Identify Where Your Self-Doubt Lies

Knowing how you developed self-doubt can sometimes help lead to recovering from that condition. You can build self-esteem by getting to the bottom of how it happened. Some people did have self-esteem at one point, then lost it. Some never had it in the first place.

No matter how you determine what causes your self-doubt, you will be able to overcome it. It does not matter if it is something that developed over time or something you learned in childhood. You can work toward building your belief in yourself so that you can overcome self-doubt.

Limiting Beliefs Learned in Childhood

Many people learn to put off their dreams. And limit their ideas due to well-meaning parents (or sometimes they are not so well-meaning but perhaps abusive parents) who are also stuck in their own self-doubting lives and cannot ever envision anything different. It happens a lot in communities where people are often born very poor and end up lacking experiences and education to see beyond their own lives to the possibilities that are outside their world.

It is not usually the fact that parents want to keep their kids from dreaming; they are just trying to be realistic. When their child tells them about their big dream to travel the world and become a writer, they react in fear and make statements that may be statistically true, but that limits their child.

An example, they might discourage their child from becoming a writer by telling them no one makes money writing, or they might prevent their child from becoming anything that is above what they are used to due to the fear of the costs and the fear that their child really can not do it even if they try. But this is only due to their lack of success and understanding of life.

It rubs off on the kids. That is why statistically, most people do not break out of the class they were born to. The exciting thing to remember is that some people do, and the reason they do is they were able to see and envision the possibilities and then take action to see it through.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

The Dangers of Self-Doubt and How It Affects Your Life

There are many dangers inherent in hanging on to self-doubt that you should be aware of. If you suffer from self-doubt, it is vital to understand the type of damage you are doing to yourself if you continue to hang on to it. It has affected your past, affects your present, and can devastate your future if you do not deal with it. Here’s why.

  • Self-Doubt Damages Motivation – When you do not think you can do much and do not trust yourself to do something right, fear can get in the way of doing anything. It can turn into a severe lack of motivation to do more than you have to get by. It can affect your entire life because you may have fewer satisfying relationships, a job you hate, and not enjoy life much.
  • Self-Doubt Causes Procrastination – If you do not think you know how to do things “right,” you may end up thinking you are a perfectionist, which is just a way to procrastinate and never finish anything or finish it at the last minute. It is how you set yourself up for failure. No one is perfect, and perfection is not necessary to thrive in this life.
  • Self-Doubt Leads to Regret – When you miss opportunities, you will experience regret. Regret, when left unresolved, can lead to chronic stress and anxiety. It will then build upon itself to create even more self-doubt, which will generate more regret, and so on.
  • Self-Doubt Causes Defeatism – If you allow self-doubt to continue, you can start to become almost morbid in your belief that you cannot experience anything good or happy. It is essentially an acceptance of failure.
  • Self-Doubt Stunts Self-Improvement – When you have no faith in yourself, it is hard to even think about self-improvement. You think you have too much to improve because you can not do anything, and maybe you even believe you are a victim of your circumstances to the point that you cannot achieve even if you try.
  • Self-Doubt Stifles Inspiration – When you do not believe in yourself, it is hard to get inspired to do anything new or create anything new. Ending the self-doubt will bring out the creativity you already really have.

As you can see and may have experienced yourself, self-doubt can be dangerous, and these are all good reasons on their own to work toward overcoming self-doubt and learning to believe in yourself.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.  

3 Traps That Will Ruin Visualization…and How to Fix Them

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The world keeps talking about how great visualization is and how well it works for them. Why then is it not working for you?

The problem with visualization is how easily we can derail ourselves before we have even properly begun. Focusing on the negative, not putting in enough practice, or just plain refusing to have faith in the method will destroy everything you are setting out to do.

Let’s look at three traps that very commonly ruin visualization and some quick fixes to get you back on track again.

You are Not Putting Yourself into the Script

All too often, we think we are helping if we put someone like a celebrity into our visualization. After all, your weight loss goal starring the latest and greatest seems a lot more exciting and even inspiring…right? Wrong! By not making it about yourself, you are setting yourself up for a dismal failure. This visualization is about your life—starring you! Focus on what your goal is and why it is essential to you personally. From there, work the steps to reach your eventual success. Now you are back in business!

You are Too Hard on Yourself

Your visualization did not leave room for bumps in the road or your failures. As a result, you feel like you ruined the whole thing when you slipped up and have thrown out the entire idea. The better solution? Acknowledge the mistake but focus instead on the parts you are doing right. Then dig back into your visualization and start from wherever you are now. Also, you might want to layer in a bit of love by putting in a contingency plan for when things go wrong…so long as you put the emphasis – as always – on the outcome and eventual result you are aiming for. Eyes on the prize, remember!

You Aimed for the Stars

We all get a little overexcited sometimes, and while great big goals are fantastic, you sometimes need to add in a dose of reality. Some plans are not possible. Or it might be further off than you thought. Rather than becoming discouraged when faced with the impossible, take a step back. Identify the next best goal (maybe it is a step on the way to the big lofty goal?) and ask yourself what the steps are to get there. Do not forget to figure out the problems likely to come up, along with some solutions. Then get back to work. There is nothing wrong with adjusting your visualization to reflect the current reality.

Visualizations gone wrong do not necessarily need to be scrapped wholesale. Remember, you can always keep what works. The key here is to pick yourself up and keep going rather than stopping altogether.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

5 Steps to Using Visualization to Get What You Want

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What do you want out of life? More importantly, how do you intend to go about getting it?

We all have so many wants. Some are very simple, such as wanting to lose five pounds in time for swimsuit season. While others, such as changing to a new career, are more complex. Interestingly, you can use the same technique to get what you want, whether your goal is big or small.

Visualization is the technique of picturing a goal in your mind in detail so that you can manifest this change in your life. Sound hard? It is not. By following these five simple steps, you will get what you want in almost no time at all.

Engage Fully in the Vision

It will help if you put yourself into the visualization as fully as you possibly can. Use all your senses and emotions to experience this vision in a way that is real to you. There can be no holding back here.

Experience Different Viewpoints

What does this visualization feel like to you? Experience it first as yourself so that you can connect emotions to actions. You want to feel every part of it. Now, step back and experience it again as if you are watching yourself succeed outside of yourself, like watching a movie. Why? It helps you to see details you might miss otherwise.

Live the Success

When done with the visualization, it is time to live the part. Become the person you saw at the end of the vision. How does that person move? Think? Act?

Reinforce the Message

Visualization needs backup to be successful. The world is full of negative influences, some of them finding root in your mind. Keep your self-talk positive, use affirmations, and look for ways to constantly reinforce the vision in your mind without tearing it down.

Make the Vision Tangible in a Way You can See it

Creating a dream board or collage will set out your visualization in a place where you experience it constantly. Seeing it over and over will also reinforce your goals and strengthen your resolve.

By following these steps, you will find your dream becoming more and more solid. Of course, you are going to have to put in the work to achieve what you want. However, by using visualization, you get clear where you are going and how to get there. 

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

From Conference to Contest

Today has been exhilarating and busy. I do not know how I have made it through this day. It started with me going to the Craig Duswalt Virtual Conference. The conference was fabulous. I had two days of content-rich and valuable information.

Yesterday we learned about some of the things that we could do to improve our personal and business life. We learned how to stay inspired and motivated, find our gift, and create a legacy to give back. These were three of the things that were important to me.

I felt the first day had so much to offer, but the second day was even more, jammed packed with good information. My interest was becoming an expert speaker, how to set up a membership site and why. There was great thinking outside the box marketing ideas. Several of which I plan on using.

Now I know you want to know why I have not given more details! If I did that, you would have no reason to attend the conference in October. Craig has promised it is a conference we do not want to miss. I have attended four of his live conferences and three of his virtual conferences, and I can promise you, I have learned something I could use each time.

I will post more details as I can get them.

I attended a Toastmasters evaluation and international speech contest in which I was honored to be one of the judges. The contestants were good, making the decision very difficult, but the model speaker stole the show.

The model speaker gives us a five to seven-minute speech, and the evaluators evaluate the speech. The speaker was a Chinese woman raised in Glasgow, Scotland. She gave a very humorous speech about being a Glaswegian. It was fun, and she kept us laughing as she used her Scottish accent and showed us a banana to describe how the citizens of Glasgow explained she could not be a Glaswegian.

She was speaking to us from Glasgow, Scotland, and it was 2:30 in the morning. Wow! How cool was that? Well, that was my day. Now, I will prepare a hot bath and get ready for bed because I have another full day tomorrow. Until then, please stay safe, and keep the faith.