How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

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It is possible to train your mind to overcome and turn negative thoughts around. Let’s look at some strategies to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts or stop the negative thoughts faster when they start.

  • Change the Focus – When you encounter a negative situation, try to immediately turn it into something positive by focusing on what you can learn about the situation. Even if all you know is that you do not want to do that again, that is a positive thing.
  • Most People Do not Care – The truth is, even if you say the wrong thing or dress what you think is mistaken for an event or do something that you feel embarrassed about, most people do not care that much. If you can develop the ability to laugh at the situation, that is even better. Most people do not have time to think about your bad choices, especially if it doesn’t affect them.
  • Ask Whether You are Too Serious – Sometimes, it is easy to take something seriously when it should not be. Does it matter if you slipped and fell when you were trying to sit in your seat at work? Does it matter that you put on the wrong shoes? Does it matter that much if you pronounced a word wrong? Do not hyper-focus on one mistake or one bad day.
  • Replace Negativity in Your Life – Whether it is people, places, or things, it is time to rid your life of negativity when you can. Sometimes negative people attract negative people. If you want to be more positive, try to find new friends, new activities, and things that make you happy and feel positive.
  • Do not Make Decisions Bigger Than They Are – Many people plagued with self-doubt tend to have trouble making decisions. Even if it is just what to wear, what to eat, or what to buy, they are turned into more significant situations than they are. When you are making any decision, ask yourself whether this will matter in a month, six months, or even five years from now. That way, you will determine whether this is a serious situation you need to spend more time on or if you need to make a choice and either get on with it or not.
  • Talk to Someone – Now, make sure the person you are talking to is positive and does not make you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes it helps to ask someone if you are overacting, especially if you can find someone who understands how you are trying to change your life and get over self-doubt. It may be a professional, a life coach, or a friend – even someone from a support group or an entire support group.
  • Stop Thinking About It – Sometimes, negative thoughts can ruin the experience you are living. It is better to try to shelve the negative thoughts during the incident and try to live in the moment. Being in the present enables you to truly realize that this thing is not negative at all, or not as much as your mind is trying to tell you. Then when you look back on it, you will likely be able to pick out a lot more positives than negatives.
  • Exercise – When it comes down to it, most of us have a lot of extra energy (adrenaline) that we need to burn off. Some people realize this, and that is why they get moving. Whenever you start experiencing negative thoughts, instead of letting yourself do it, get some exercise. Go to the gym, go for a run, go for a walk, ride your bike, jump rope, go for a swim – anything that you can do that you like doing is a good thing to do instead of thinking negatively.
  • Realize When It Is Fear – Sometimes negativity will poke its head in your life when you are doing something a little bit uncomfortable or pushing your comfort zone a bit. There is a quote by George Addair that is useful here, “Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” If you can remind yourself of this quote when you are experiencing negative thoughts associated with fear, you can overcome it.

It will help a lot with overcoming negative thoughts if you put these suggestions into action. You may come up with some of your own too. The point is, you want to turn negative thoughts around so that you can instead experience positivity in your day. That way, you do not get stuck in a pattern of self-doubt.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

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