Cinco de Mayo

When I was a kid growing up in East Los Angeles, the Catholic Church celebrated Cinco de Mayo every year. Every year, the church sponsored a festival. People came from various parts of the city to celebrate.

It was exciting in the daytime, but at night it was beautiful! There was a big parade during the opening day with a celebrity or high city official as the grand marshal. I remember two of the grand marshals, Nick Adams, the star of the Rebel television series, and Richard Jackeal, who starred in quite a few westerns.

Richard Jackeal had died in a western the night before, and the kids wanted to know how he could die the night before and be in the parade that day.

There was a Ferris wheel and many rides, and so much food! I can almost taste that food on my tongue now.

We would also walk to Olvera Street for festivities. There was so much food and colorful clothes along with musicians and dancers.

Those were some beautiful days filled with a lifetime of memories that I will carry with me always. I did not understand what the holiday meant then, but I enjoyed it as much as the Hispanics.

That is it for one of my memories. Until next time, please stay safe, and keep the faith.

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