How to Stay Focused in an Increasingly Distracting World

Absentmindedly, you reach for your phone. You open your favorite app. Nothing has changed since you last did this 10 minutes ago, but you forgot that you had just done this. So, you open a different app… but you were just there, too. Does this sound familiar?

Sometimes, we convince ourselves we are super productive by staying up to date with the latest news and happenings on social media and responding to emails immediately. The reality of the matter, though, is you are distracting yourself from more important things.

When you are at work, your focus should be on work. When you are at home your focus should be on your home life. It’s time to take back control.

  • No More Notifications

Open your phone settings right now and go in and turn off notifications. You do not need an update about who sent what Tweet yesterday, but it is time for you to see it now. You do not need a constant stream of distressing news updates breaking your focus. Check your social media at set times, do the same for email, and ignore it the rest of the time.

  • A Healthy Routine

You can improve your focus by establishing a healthy daily routine. When you set your routine and get used to it, you do not have to waste time thinking about what comes next. It is why people like Steve Jobs did, and Mark Zuckerberg wear the same outfit.

  • Prioritize

What does your day look like? What is on your to-do list? The best way to avoid distractions is to rank your tasks in order of priority. It can be overwhelming when you think about all of the things you need to do. By putting them in order, you remove the stress and overwhelm.

  • Say No To Multitasking

Are you a multitasker? If yes, are you good at it? If yes, you are wrong. Sorry. Your attempt at multitasking slows you down, reducing your productivity, and you are not doing each task as well as you could be. By multitasking, you contribute to distractions.

  • Renew

When your schedule is going haywire, it is challenging to take a moment for yourself when the world throws distractions in your face. However, renewal is vital. As your energy dips, memory is fading, and you can feel the stress creeping in, you must withdraw from that and take time to regenerate.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.   

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