Day After The 4th

Wow! Talk about fireworks!!! The community I live in does not allow fireworks. I understand because our homes are close to each other, and so are our cars. Most of our homes have trees and hedge bushes, and the dry spell could be easy for a fire to start.

However, the surrounding area had no such restrictions. Until about two in the morning, the sounds of fireworks popping seemed almost a continuous affair. There must have been some display works along with the fireworks because I would hear swooshing sounds, and some sounds sounded like gunfire. Those are the ones that made me nervous. I did not want to think of someone hurt while others were having fun.

So I listened to the sounds of fireworks while watching my Christmas stories and reading one of my romance books.

Today has been a relaxing day for me. I promised I would take time for myself, so yesterday and today, I relaxed and only wrote for my blog. I will finish my relaxation, and tomorrow it is back to work with articles I hope to benefit you in your everyday life.

I also want to share that my grandson cooked dinner for me. He is going to become a better cook than I am. I am attaching pictures of the lunch he bought me yesterday and the dinner he cooked for me today—also, a picture of my grandson and his cat, Asher.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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