Is there clutter in your home or office that you would like to let go of? What could you donate that someone else might love and treasure?

Several years ago, I saw a show on television about hoarders. I remember thinking, how could anyone let that happen?

Well, guess what? I have a room in my house loaded with so much stuff; it is challenging to move around in it. But that is not all. I have boxes and plastic tubs filled with things I need to go through and throw or give away.

My son and his girlfriend have offered to take care of it for me. Naturally, I have mixed feelings about letting them do this for me. I have seen the girlfriend work, so I know she will do a good job. My son will not be sentimental about things the way I would. Therein lies my problem. They may throw or give away things I want to keep, which is why I will leave the house while they work.

WOW! I am feeling sad already, and they do not start until next month. I will have to leave the house, or I will try to hold onto things I have not looked at in years.

I am convinced that all this clutter has cluttered my mind and kept me from achieving many things. Are you experiencing a cluttered mind syndrome? You may need to do what I am doing. Clear away unnecessary clutter in your home and your mind. Think about it.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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